Monday, January 31, 2005

Elections, Sosa, and "let there be light!"

Well, according to mass media, the elections appear to be a success with higher than expected turnout. Anyone predict who will win? I have no idea who the candidates are, however, I can almost guarantee, the US will have their hand in determining who will win. Yes, this is a bit cynical, but does anyone really think that the US will allow the first free leader of Iraq to be selected by the majority? Not with our military so heavily involved.

Sosa is now with Baltimore. I think this might actually make the Cubs better. The distraction that Sosa brought to the Cubs is reasons enough to get rid of him. Sure, he hits 40+ HR's a year, but attitude can get you a lot further along. The M's had the best record in baseball the year after A-Rod went to Texas.

Prange to Austria; Anderson to Turkey. It is great to see friends of mine getting a chance to live in Europe for a period of time. I really wish I would have tried to do something exotic like that in my youth. Not that I am old now, but I have a job, house, wife, etc. Anderson will be opening an office for his company, Pixelworks while Prange will be coaching football.

Our big event this weekend, we have light in our dining room! For those of you that have visited us within the past 6 months, we had no light in our dining room. Well, that has been fixed. As boring as this news might be, we are very excited for our new fixture.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ms. Rice and 40 Million dollars

Well, it has come to this. Why should Condoleezza Rice be our next Secretary of State? I am not sure. She comes from the first Bush administration. (Ironically isn't all of GW current cabinet from his Dad's administration?) She downplays the WMD reason and says that he was funding terrorist’s activity. However, there was no line connecting those two items, Saddam and terrorism. If you ask me, they assumed it was happening. I feel we assumed wrong.

I am sure she will be confirmed, but I disagree with this nomination. My other dream would be for Rumsfield to leave, however, we all know that is not going to happen. A Rumsfield resignation would equal an “oops we f'ed up” in the war in Iraq.

The Bush inauguration is around the 40 mil mark. Does anyone know if this includes the cost of security? Regardless, this is too much. We are in a time of National Debt, War and the latest tsunami disaster. Thankfully we raised our aid effort, or else, GW would be playing into the selfish American stereotype that will haunt us for years after he leaves office. I still don't understand how 51% of America voted for this guy!

How does a cop that punches a teen on camera, get 1.6 million dollars from the city for discrimination? I am sure they did the "he deserved it" type of defense, but seriously! This guy is taped punching a kid that is already pinned to a cop car by other officers.

Monday, January 10, 2005

College Football recruits and Holmgren

I recently have been looking around at the Grizzlies message board for some news on potential recruits. ( For those of you not Griz fans, you can go to to sign up and talk about anything from MLB to college skeet shooting. Anywho, I have realized that a lot, if not all, of this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt until February 2nd. Ochs proved that D1 QB can transfer down and be successful. However, some of our best QB's at Montana were HS recruits. I hope the Griz can put together another successful season in 05.

Since when did the NFL become a place to make a statement? Randy Moss...WTF? Mooning the GB faithful? Give me a break.

I believe that Holmgren will NOT be the coach in Seattle next year. He has yet to win a playoff game for Seattle. It is nice to have us winning, but this team had a roller coaster season to finish at 9-7. And for a team picked to be in the Super Bowl in some pre-season polls, and then lose to the Rams for a third time, is beyond frustrating to me. The Rams entered the playoffs 8-8, a quarter of those wins were at the hands of Seattle.

If you have a topic that you would like to see my opinion on, please feel free to add that in your comments.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Fantasy Sports, plastic surgery, and other tidbits

I see now that some of the major fantasy football sites are offering fantasy football playoff editions. I do enjoy participating in these fantasy seasons; I am looking forward to baseball. But how much fun can it be to do this during playoffs? Can't we as humans do something useful with our time at work besides research playoff numbers? I guess I could get a jump on the baseball season. Oh look, a bird.

Last night, VH1 had a show on plastic surgery, attempting to show the good, bad, and ugly from it. I don't understand this phonon in this world. The fact I even watched this show indicates I am interested in this, but I would like to reference this show to a car wreck, I had to stop and see. How are getting chin implants, breast implants, eye lifts, and tummy tucks making one perfect? Plastic surgery is the human equivalent to "Pimp Your Ride". They do nothing to the engine, but that '78 Pacer never looked so good. Eventually, you just keep adding stuff until you can't even tell what car you drive. I guess it all comes down to what people see as perfect. Adding things to my body, would make me feel less perfect, knowing that with each surgery, more of "me" goes away.

The whole Yates issue. First of all, what is up with Texas? The woman killed 5 kids in her bathtub, what part of this says not guilty? So glad that "Law & Order" can now be classified as reality TV. Oh wait, the episode did not exist. I know this has something to do with Texas law and the whole insanity thing. However, I still don't agree with this. So if is steal a car after watching the deleted scenes of "The Fast and Furious" can Vin Diesel go to jail for me?

Katie Couric. Is there anyone else more annoying on national TV? I swear this woman is where she is cause of some sexual act in someone's office. I guess sex sells, but I don't think I have seen a worse interview style since Bill Walton attempted to wear checker Chuck Taylor’s and striped bell bottom pants. That dick that was recently fired from "Crossfire" was pretty annoying. And talk about a horrible sense of humor!

The Seachickens found a way to skate into the playoffs. Winning two close games against two roller coaster teams. We will see if we can beat a team that conquered us twice during the regular season. My vote is no, but I don't want to stab my team in the back.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nice work BCS & other thoughts

Wow, that was a great national title game. Great if you are a USC fan, not so great if you are a OU fan and actually think that you deserved to be there. Has anyone seen something so messed up as the D1 football post season?

The Mariners have lost their chance to acquire Odalis Perez, he has resigned with the LA Dodgers, or at least that is the rumor. However, the M's did sign their 6th shortstop in the past 2 years, Pookie Reese. Not sure what is going on with this signing, a simple 1 year deal. Seems like overkill or a waste to me, when they know we need pitching. Perhaps Pookie will be trade bate? Lopez could probably use another year at AAA Tacoma. I took forward to going to the Stingers vs. Rainers game this upcoming spring.

Wet snow. Today, I had to shovel my driveway before coming to work. This was, by far, the wettest snow I have ever seen. Those that have seen my driveway can understand the utter pain and aguish that I endured for the 45 minute task. Not to mention, I am not a fan of concrete expansion joints, they really kill your shoveling momentum. However, I due understand their significance.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

LA Angels of Anaheim? BCS? Damn Yankees

So, we now have the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Dude...WTF? Seriously, why this crappy name change? I don't get it nor do I care to get it.

Alex Smith to the NFL. He reminds me a lot of Mark Brunell coming out of Washington. He needs to put himself in the 225 to 230 LB range for his size to take on the beating of an NFL QB. His arm is not the strongest, but I predict a Round 3-6 pickup. Rounds 3 and 4 will be a team desperate for a #2 QB, rounds 5 and 6 for a team looking to nurture him into a system. If he goes any higher, I am afraid he won't live up the pressure of a round 1 or 2 draft pick. At least not for 4+ years.

The BCS. Having Utah destroy Pitt is a black eye to the BCS in my opinion. Pitt won the Big East making them an automatic bid to a BCS bowl. Thankfully, Louisville it going to the Big East, they may actually compete next year.

The Yankees. Man, this team I love to hate. Now with the Big Unit on his way to the Bronx, we can expect another disappointing ALCS finish this upcoming year. At least, that would be my dream. The last time they won the World Series, their payroll was down around the 90 million mark. Now, they are topping the 200 to 220 million mark. Give me a break!

January elections in Iraq. Powell had a slip on the Today show a week back. He mentioned June then quickly corrected himself to January. We all know this is not going to happen in January, so maybe June?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcome to Mariner enthusiasm and Fleming thoughts!

Being a die-hard Mariner fan in Salt Lake has its disadvantages. So I have established this little piece of cyberspace to voice my concerns, opinions, and enthusiasm for me team. Along with anything else that comes to mind. Please check in for future blogs.


Mariners...where do we go from here.

The signing of Sexson and Beltre have definitely raised the bar for Mariner fans. I still remain mildly skeptical. Sexson could have the most impact in my opinion, as overpriced as he is. Beltre is cashing in on a great season. Boone had a similar season a few years back, and has yet to return to that greatness.

What we need is a solid starter. We probably have little money left to make any waves in the shallow end of the free agent pool. The potential offense we have is nice, however, pitching is going to play a major role. I am looking forward to getting a healthy Soriano back in the lineup as a middle reliever.

The Mariners also saw change at the manager position this year. We will see what the once hated Hargrove can produces this year. Coming off a 99 loss season, anything less than that would be an improvement. I would like to at least see a wild card birth.

This is my first blog, basically just trying this out for now. I will be posting more information and random thoughts.