Monday, January 31, 2005

Elections, Sosa, and "let there be light!"

Well, according to mass media, the elections appear to be a success with higher than expected turnout. Anyone predict who will win? I have no idea who the candidates are, however, I can almost guarantee, the US will have their hand in determining who will win. Yes, this is a bit cynical, but does anyone really think that the US will allow the first free leader of Iraq to be selected by the majority? Not with our military so heavily involved.

Sosa is now with Baltimore. I think this might actually make the Cubs better. The distraction that Sosa brought to the Cubs is reasons enough to get rid of him. Sure, he hits 40+ HR's a year, but attitude can get you a lot further along. The M's had the best record in baseball the year after A-Rod went to Texas.

Prange to Austria; Anderson to Turkey. It is great to see friends of mine getting a chance to live in Europe for a period of time. I really wish I would have tried to do something exotic like that in my youth. Not that I am old now, but I have a job, house, wife, etc. Anderson will be opening an office for his company, Pixelworks while Prange will be coaching football.

Our big event this weekend, we have light in our dining room! For those of you that have visited us within the past 6 months, we had no light in our dining room. Well, that has been fixed. As boring as this news might be, we are very excited for our new fixture.

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Bill said...

Turkey it is! So Flem, when are you getting plane tickets? I want to see you two over here!

Nice blog. Good humor like the 'feeling optimistic about the Mariners season' bit. Good stuff!