Friday, January 07, 2005

Fantasy Sports, plastic surgery, and other tidbits

I see now that some of the major fantasy football sites are offering fantasy football playoff editions. I do enjoy participating in these fantasy seasons; I am looking forward to baseball. But how much fun can it be to do this during playoffs? Can't we as humans do something useful with our time at work besides research playoff numbers? I guess I could get a jump on the baseball season. Oh look, a bird.

Last night, VH1 had a show on plastic surgery, attempting to show the good, bad, and ugly from it. I don't understand this phonon in this world. The fact I even watched this show indicates I am interested in this, but I would like to reference this show to a car wreck, I had to stop and see. How are getting chin implants, breast implants, eye lifts, and tummy tucks making one perfect? Plastic surgery is the human equivalent to "Pimp Your Ride". They do nothing to the engine, but that '78 Pacer never looked so good. Eventually, you just keep adding stuff until you can't even tell what car you drive. I guess it all comes down to what people see as perfect. Adding things to my body, would make me feel less perfect, knowing that with each surgery, more of "me" goes away.

The whole Yates issue. First of all, what is up with Texas? The woman killed 5 kids in her bathtub, what part of this says not guilty? So glad that "Law & Order" can now be classified as reality TV. Oh wait, the episode did not exist. I know this has something to do with Texas law and the whole insanity thing. However, I still don't agree with this. So if is steal a car after watching the deleted scenes of "The Fast and Furious" can Vin Diesel go to jail for me?

Katie Couric. Is there anyone else more annoying on national TV? I swear this woman is where she is cause of some sexual act in someone's office. I guess sex sells, but I don't think I have seen a worse interview style since Bill Walton attempted to wear checker Chuck Taylor’s and striped bell bottom pants. That dick that was recently fired from "Crossfire" was pretty annoying. And talk about a horrible sense of humor!

The Seachickens found a way to skate into the playoffs. Winning two close games against two roller coaster teams. We will see if we can beat a team that conquered us twice during the regular season. My vote is no, but I don't want to stab my team in the back.

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