Monday, January 03, 2005

Mariners...where do we go from here.

The signing of Sexson and Beltre have definitely raised the bar for Mariner fans. I still remain mildly skeptical. Sexson could have the most impact in my opinion, as overpriced as he is. Beltre is cashing in on a great season. Boone had a similar season a few years back, and has yet to return to that greatness.

What we need is a solid starter. We probably have little money left to make any waves in the shallow end of the free agent pool. The potential offense we have is nice, however, pitching is going to play a major role. I am looking forward to getting a healthy Soriano back in the lineup as a middle reliever.

The Mariners also saw change at the manager position this year. We will see what the once hated Hargrove can produces this year. Coming off a 99 loss season, anything less than that would be an improvement. I would like to at least see a wild card birth.

This is my first blog, basically just trying this out for now. I will be posting more information and random thoughts.

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