Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ms. Rice and 40 Million dollars

Well, it has come to this. Why should Condoleezza Rice be our next Secretary of State? I am not sure. She comes from the first Bush administration. (Ironically isn't all of GW current cabinet from his Dad's administration?) She downplays the WMD reason and says that he was funding terrorist’s activity. However, there was no line connecting those two items, Saddam and terrorism. If you ask me, they assumed it was happening. I feel we assumed wrong.

I am sure she will be confirmed, but I disagree with this nomination. My other dream would be for Rumsfield to leave, however, we all know that is not going to happen. A Rumsfield resignation would equal an “oops we f'ed up” in the war in Iraq.

The Bush inauguration is around the 40 mil mark. Does anyone know if this includes the cost of security? Regardless, this is too much. We are in a time of National Debt, War and the latest tsunami disaster. Thankfully we raised our aid effort, or else, GW would be playing into the selfish American stereotype that will haunt us for years after he leaves office. I still don't understand how 51% of America voted for this guy!

How does a cop that punches a teen on camera, get 1.6 million dollars from the city for discrimination? I am sure they did the "he deserved it" type of defense, but seriously! This guy is taped punching a kid that is already pinned to a cop car by other officers.

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John Ophus said...

Alright, 1.6 million is a little excessive, but aren't you being a little hard on Conde? I am sure that the woman who has a supertanker named after her has the nation's interests at heart.

And what the hell is up with giving Villione 4.2 million dollars? Between he and Sexson, that's a good chunk of change tied up into two bad shoulders.