Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nice work BCS & other thoughts

Wow, that was a great national title game. Great if you are a USC fan, not so great if you are a OU fan and actually think that you deserved to be there. Has anyone seen something so messed up as the D1 football post season?

The Mariners have lost their chance to acquire Odalis Perez, he has resigned with the LA Dodgers, or at least that is the rumor. However, the M's did sign their 6th shortstop in the past 2 years, Pookie Reese. Not sure what is going on with this signing, a simple 1 year deal. Seems like overkill or a waste to me, when they know we need pitching. Perhaps Pookie will be trade bate? Lopez could probably use another year at AAA Tacoma. I took forward to going to the Stingers vs. Rainers game this upcoming spring.

Wet snow. Today, I had to shovel my driveway before coming to work. This was, by far, the wettest snow I have ever seen. Those that have seen my driveway can understand the utter pain and aguish that I endured for the 45 minute task. Not to mention, I am not a fan of concrete expansion joints, they really kill your shoveling momentum. However, I due understand their significance.

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Anonymous said...

So, you are jumping on the USC bandwagon now, eh? Your new USC shirt should go great with your Pistons cap, Red Sox jersey and Patriots socks....

Anonymous said...

Nah, Flemmming is going to get a jump on things and buy his Steeler t-shirt this summer and then tell everyone how he was a fan before they got big.