Thursday, February 10, 2005


I am not talking about the investment house here either. All the off season steroid talk will either bring back fans or turn them away.

Ways to bring back fans: Now with a steroid/drug policy in place, perhaps those fans that thought baseball was "dirty" will return.

Ways to lose fans: Since no one will be "juiced", I am not sure if we will ever see HR totals as we have in the recent past.

However, last year was not a huge offensive year. We are seeing more players in the 20 HR range than before, but Bonds hit 73 back in 2001. Since then, he has not broken the 50 mark. I think attendance for MLB games is better than what you will see at an NBA game.

I do hope that this will bring back more fans, and help keep those die-hard MLB fans still in their seats. Feel free to tell me how you feel about drugs in MLB and perhaps sports in general.

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JB said...

...and Roger Maris only hit 61 homers once. He only hit above 40 homers once. What's your point?