Monday, February 14, 2005

In regards to "Salami"

Well, I am assuming you are referring to the meat, and not the form of banker embezzlement.

I am a fan of most Italian meats, Salami, happens to be my favorite. I enjoy a good piece of Salami faceted to a hoagie roll with Dijon mustard. Perhaps with some American cheese, just for a more non-EU worldly taste. The Salami has to be of a fresher kind, not the stuff that Subway and Jared pass off for Salami; that is more like salamystery.

Salami is seen more like a delicate meat, one that when added with sliced cheese, can make even the most anti-saltine eater come around. Salami on Ritz, I think not. Lower a meat like this to an Akins cracker horror story, does not do the meat justice. I can only compare that to Gorgonzola on a spread of Lamb's hair.

Salami on "gourmet" crackers, what a delight! The selection of crackers here is crucial. You never want to go on a pick-nick with salami in one hand, and a dry-rye cracker that could be used to cut mortar in the other.

Thank you Mr. Felix, if that is your real name, for the idea. Hey, weren't you in a cartoon awhile back?

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Greg said...

Thank you.

I think Jared is the most androgynous looking person I've ever seen.