Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My wife and I started brewing our own beer last summer. I must say, that we have produced some of the best beer I have ever tasted. I am sure that I am biased here, but I would like to think others would agree.

So far, we have brewed a delightful Cream Ale. Our second batch included a fall Apricot Ale, and Canadian Ale, eh. We just complete our first lager, a Meiboch. Next on our list is an IPA. It is very nice having fresh beer in our house, screw this born on date stuff.

Am I a beer snob, well, of course. Growing up in Missoula (home to Moose Drool) you have access to some of the best beer available in the Northwest. The Rhino with its 50 beers on tap, how cool is that for a town of 50K in population. Wait a minute, 1 tap beer per 1K people...wouldn't that be great! Think about it, Belt, Montana has a microbrewery. Belt has about 1500 people in it and makes one heck of a pig's ass porter.

Microbreweries are still very trendy and sometimes are not focused on the beer as they are on capitalizing on the money hound that it can be. I have not found many of these, all of the ones I have visited have some really great beer. That list would also include those in Utah, believe it or not.

Maybe for our next alcohol project, we will start growing some blue Agave, and follow in the steps of Sammy Hagar. Oh wait, we don't live in Mexico.

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