Monday, February 07, 2005

The Moral Party?

Moral party…my ass!

<>Here is a topic that has been bouncing around my head for sometime. Basically, there was nothing there to stop the bouncing.

<>How can a president who is currently fighting an unjust war and on the verge of ruining Social Security claim to have “morals”? Just because you see gay marriage as “morally wrong” does not necessarily mean it is. Ask any one that is a homosexual. I mow my yard on a Sunday in the state of Utah; does that make me morally a bad person? But yet, sending 130K worth of troops to Iraq to find WMD and the terrorist that Saddam has been harboring IS moral? Here’s a shocker, no WMD and no link to terrorism. However, now with the US there, this is the best training grounds any terrorists could have asked for. What is or is not moral, is about perception.

<>The “No child left behind act” leaves plenty of children behind. In Oregon, they are discussion taking away the PE requirement to focus more on the tests that GW has put into place. And you think America if fat now…just wait. I have also heard of other states taking back funding from certain programs and funneling that into classes that will help the schools pass their required tests. In order to get the best funding or really, any funding, a school has to suck. How does this maintain funding at those schools that do well. Do they need to drop their scores to get funding? Personally, this is a crazy idea. Last time I checked, most of this “federal” funding was actually coming out of the states, not Washington DC. Amazing how the name of a bill or Act can care some serious weight. Did anyone read the Patriot Act?

His new budget cuts funding to some of the very people that helped him win reelection, the farmer. He wants to trim funding to them by $587 million in 2006 and by $5.7 billion over the next decade. Bend over farmers, here is your president! I know that is a bit severe, but give me a break. I wonder if this was another one of his “gut” decisions. I understand the record deficit needs to be addressed, but the best way in my opinion is for job growth and roll back some, if not all, tax cuts. You can only blame the war for a portion of his deficit.


Anonymous said...

What's the alternative? Live in fear of a dictator with demonstrably massive stockpiles of biological, chemical, and even nuclear weapons? I think not.

Anonymous said...

What dictator? What stockpiles?