Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The NHL...who cares?

I do not live in a hockey rich town, and really, anything south of Canada is not hockey rich. Okay, Michigan, North Dakota and Minnesota, I hear ya yelling. You three are the exception to hockey in America is dead.

I really enjoy playing this sport, no matter how bad I am. I believe I have 6 goals in 6 years...where is my award for consistency? I do like watching NHL playoffs, they tend to be very exciting. However, I can honestly say, that I won't miss them. Many American's do not understand the sport and really have little interest in the play as they do in the potential for a fight every night. Thanks to the NBA and high school basketball for filling that void nicely.

I am glad they did not make some feeble attempt to come back this year. It would have been a very short season, and no guarantee of money or success. I am even glad they did not allow scabs to play. That might have hurt them more then helped them.

Tune in next October to see what the NHL has in store for us. For now, Fantasy baseball sign up begins tomorrow...Play ball!

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