Thursday, February 17, 2005

Opening day for Fantasy Baseball

Feb 17th marks the day that fantasy baseball begins! Well, sign-up at least. Our commissioner is dragging his feet and waiting until after work to setup the league, the nerve! Oh well, I guess I can wait 12 hours before I can join the league. Now, time to do some research and get ready for draft day!

I would like to elaborate on my NHL post from yesterday. I am somewhat saddened to see a league have to shut down for the entire season. I have a few friends that follow hockey religiously. I know that they are down today about the shutdown. I would feel the same if MLB was to call it quits for an entire season. I am not sure where to point blame here, from the sounds of it; I am leaning towards the league. The only basis I have for this blame, the cap of 49 million was too much even though only 8 teams out of 30 were even close to that last year. However a cap of 45 million, the middle ground between players and owners, is not an unreasonable amount.

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