Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What is the deal...with politics

Okay, I felt I went a bit overboard in my "morality" tussle a few blogs back. However, how can anyone just sit back and not voice their opinions about the direction this administration is taking the American people.

Last time I checked Iraq had WMD, Iran did not. Oh wait, did I reverse those? And really, just how successful were these elections in Iraq. If you are an Iraqi, great (your first free election in how many years?)..For America, not so great. Iraqis instead went to the polls and elected a government with a strong religious base -- and very close ties to the Islamic republic next door. So let’s think about this. We go back in time, and bomb Tehran, would that have made Baghdad happy? Now, with these "ties" anything we do to Iran will put our America on even more unfavorable ground with the world. I guess this outcome was always part of the plan. Well, that is not true; you have to have a plan first if you want to compare outcomes. The puppets master is going to have work overtime if Condi Rice is going to patch things up in the Middle East.

Social Security. If there is anyone that can mess this up, it will be GW. It is my opinion that his SS talk is meant to divert attention from his failure on the foreign front and focus attention to his failure on the domestic front. I am constantly belittling this man, but it is going to take someone with a lot of energy and thought to change my opinions about our current President. I do not feel we have the right man for the job. Granite, I don't fully understand how government money works, but I have seen articles where GW is borrowing money from the SS trust fund. Is he helping his own cause by hurting SS even more?

"Compassionate conservative". I am getting tired of this term. There is nothing neither compassionate nor conservative about GW and his administration. As I have spoken about before, the NCLB act, killing SS for my generation and generations to come, spends outrageous amounts of money on defense, Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of being a "tax and spend" democrat, he is a "cut taxes and spend more" republican. I wonder what God would do if he was president?

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Bill said...

I see your take on the current Iraq elections. What is your take on Turkey, who went, and is still going through, the conversion from the religious Ottoman empire to a secular Western facing government?