Monday, March 21, 2005

What is life?

The Schiavo case has received a lot of attention. So much attention, our president rushed home from his ranch in Texas. When is he not at the ranch, really! But I digress. I cannot speak on behalf of her or her husband. But what this family is going through is about as far from the definition of life that I have.

If I was in that state, I would not want my wife to have to come to the hospital or wherever I am, to see her husband. Especially for 15 years! That is not a definition of a marriage in my opinion. I would think that both of us would be in a better place if the decision to "pull the plug" was made. Life is full of adventure, experiences and time spent with loved ones and friends. What is the point if one of the loved ones does not know up from down? I am told she smiles, but do we truly know what she is smiling about?

What is life? The supports of the decision need to ask themselves this question. I would like that if everyone could take 1 day and put themselves inside that body, I would think they too would vote for a safe and peaceful decision.

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Bill said...

One has to ask themselves why these people are insisting the plug not be pulled. My take: Fear. To many people let fear rule their lives. They are much worse off for it...