Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Breaking News...

I saw an article on Netscape that indicated that the search for WMD in Iraq is officially over. Guess what, they did not find jack shit! Man, for some reason, I feel that about 50% of America could have told the world that. I hope this convinces that other 50% that there are no WMD. Remember when Bush was re-elected; people were still under this school of thought.

The Mariners are in a different place now, then they were last year at this time, second to last in the AL West. Woohoo, improvement! I hope this streak of improvement can last for another 140 games or so.

Unlike "Greg's" prediction, I am still in first place in my fantasy baseball season; however, my lead has shrunk to 45 points. The NFL draft took place over the weekend. I was completely wrong about Alex Smith. Apparently he went first, and here I was thinking he was a round 3 or 4 pick. Geez, now I see why I have a desk job. The NBA playoffs are talking place...who the fuck cares.

Anywho, that is about all from here. I will attempt to find more things to blog about, I always forget how much fun this can be.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Parents weekend

Well, this past weekend my parents and my brother Bob made the trek south from Missoula. It was a nice weekend, 70+ the entire time. We mostly hung out, but I was able to put my 70 year old parents to work in our .5 acre yard. I am such a slave driver.

Parental visits are kind of funny. I loved the visit and missed them when they left. However, I must admit, the 2.something days they spent with us was about the max for me. This weekend, I realized that I suck at entertaining my folks. It is very hard to constantly keep conversations moving, my wife did most of that. On a brighter note, we bottled our IPA and have 48 Kokanee's waiting consumption.

The Mariners are off to a .500 start...WOOHOO! This is all I asked for when the season started and my goal has been achieved. I guess I should wait until they play the other 150 games before I cross that off my "to-do" list.

Our fruit trees are in bloom at this time. The Cherries look the best followed closely by the plum trees. It is nice how the different types of fruit bloom at different intervals. We are supposed to cool down a bit and then warm up to 70 again for the weekend. For those weather watchers at home, our normal is 61 this time of year.

I understand the Pope is kind of an important person in the Catholic life; however, I don't need to see news coverage on the furnace. For fuck sake, tell us something that I actually give a rat’s ass about. Not to spoil the outcome, but I think the furnace will get real hot and then burn some stuff and some smoke will come out. Now that we have that mystery solved, lets hear about Britney Spear's and how she is preparing for her new baby.

After 2 weeks of Baseball, I am still in first place in my Fantasy baseball league. However, I am not sure how long this dream will last. However, for future debates, I am tracking how many days I am in the lead.

That is about it from here. My job keeps moving along, I will post a blog about that a bit later on...when I am not at work.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Opening Day...and other odds and ends

For the Mariners, today is the day. In about 6 hours, the first pitch at Safeco will be thrown. I hope to have my MLB radio tuned in, at least, for the first hour or so.

After 1 day of MLB action, I am in second place in my fantasy baseball league. As much as I HATE the evil empire, you do need some of them on your team in order to win. I have Matsui from the Yanks on my team, as well as Rivera.

My wife and I watched "Super Size Me" this weekend. I have never felt like hurling more in my entire in life, but it was a well done documentary. I know this movie is a year or two old, however, I have not seen a lot of movies lately. We recently signed up for NetFlix, so I should be catching up in no time.

We brewed an IPA over the weekend. I am not a huge fan of bitter beers, but this kit was a gift. Once this has been brewed, I think we will brew some summer oriented brews, light in body and color.

After 1 year of home ownership, I can finally park my car in the garage. We have a two car garage and my wife has had this luxury for some time. However, now with our yard work in full swing, the “yard supplies" that were in my spot, have been put to use. I had no idea how good it felt to park in the garage. I felt like I have achieved a new place in life.

Well, that is about all for now.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Spring forward.....my ass!

Ah yes, that time of year where we turn our clocks ahead one hour to gain that extra hour of sunshine. Many people are divided on this issue, except those in AZ, HI and parts of IN. Many of my loyal readers have been quoted as saying "I hate that shit" or "Fuck, already?"

I will admit, I do not like the hour of sleep loss; however, the extra light is a nice touch. I really have nothing else to say on this issue. Just found the swearing that is becoming associated with this spring tradition, somewhat funny.

Opening Week

Well, at least for the Mariners, it is being called "Opening Week." I see that Moyer will be given the ball on Monday to help lead us back to a .500 team. Our defense has really improved from last season, at least on paper. I hope the same can be said for the offense. Again, my major concern is pitching.

Our Fantasy league also starts next week. After last weeks draft, I am mildly optimistic about the upcoming season. I had a similar feeling last year; I was able to crawl into third position. I hope to be again in the top 3, time will tell.

The weather in Salt Lake is supposed to be excellent this weekend. That should allow us to get our yard work duties complete as well as the first mow of the season. I don't really hate to mow, however, I would not mind giving some kid $15 to go spend on Crack or Meth to mow the yard. I am sure that all 3 readers of my blog recall mowing the neighbor’s yards for a few bucks, probably not for meth, but for candy or baseball cards. I went as far as making flyers and passing them around my neighborhood. Only had a handful of takers, but my card collection grew nicely.

Today, our guest bed is being delivered. Up until now, we have punished our visitors with a futon. Yes, that college apartment standby. We wanted to get a semi-comfortable bed. One that is comfortable for guest, but not overly comfortable to avoid in-laws at the house for months on end.

Basil is up to about 90 pounds now. It is amazing to me how fast he has grown. I guess, in the dog world, he about 16 years old in human terms. I recently learned that the 7 year deal is not all that accurate. I will post a picture for those that are or are not interested. It should also give new readers an idea of what a Spinone Italiano look like.

Signing off