Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Breaking News...

I saw an article on Netscape that indicated that the search for WMD in Iraq is officially over. Guess what, they did not find jack shit! Man, for some reason, I feel that about 50% of America could have told the world that. I hope this convinces that other 50% that there are no WMD. Remember when Bush was re-elected; people were still under this school of thought.

The Mariners are in a different place now, then they were last year at this time, second to last in the AL West. Woohoo, improvement! I hope this streak of improvement can last for another 140 games or so.

Unlike "Greg's" prediction, I am still in first place in my fantasy baseball season; however, my lead has shrunk to 45 points. The NFL draft took place over the weekend. I was completely wrong about Alex Smith. Apparently he went first, and here I was thinking he was a round 3 or 4 pick. Geez, now I see why I have a desk job. The NBA playoffs are talking place...who the fuck cares.

Anywho, that is about all from here. I will attempt to find more things to blog about, I always forget how much fun this can be.

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Greg said...

Just because they didn't find WMD doesn't mean that I'm not going to pass you in FBL.