Monday, April 04, 2005

Opening Day...and other odds and ends

For the Mariners, today is the day. In about 6 hours, the first pitch at Safeco will be thrown. I hope to have my MLB radio tuned in, at least, for the first hour or so.

After 1 day of MLB action, I am in second place in my fantasy baseball league. As much as I HATE the evil empire, you do need some of them on your team in order to win. I have Matsui from the Yanks on my team, as well as Rivera.

My wife and I watched "Super Size Me" this weekend. I have never felt like hurling more in my entire in life, but it was a well done documentary. I know this movie is a year or two old, however, I have not seen a lot of movies lately. We recently signed up for NetFlix, so I should be catching up in no time.

We brewed an IPA over the weekend. I am not a huge fan of bitter beers, but this kit was a gift. Once this has been brewed, I think we will brew some summer oriented brews, light in body and color.

After 1 year of home ownership, I can finally park my car in the garage. We have a two car garage and my wife has had this luxury for some time. However, now with our yard work in full swing, the “yard supplies" that were in my spot, have been put to use. I had no idea how good it felt to park in the garage. I felt like I have achieved a new place in life.

Well, that is about all for now.

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