Friday, April 01, 2005

Opening Week

Well, at least for the Mariners, it is being called "Opening Week." I see that Moyer will be given the ball on Monday to help lead us back to a .500 team. Our defense has really improved from last season, at least on paper. I hope the same can be said for the offense. Again, my major concern is pitching.

Our Fantasy league also starts next week. After last weeks draft, I am mildly optimistic about the upcoming season. I had a similar feeling last year; I was able to crawl into third position. I hope to be again in the top 3, time will tell.

The weather in Salt Lake is supposed to be excellent this weekend. That should allow us to get our yard work duties complete as well as the first mow of the season. I don't really hate to mow, however, I would not mind giving some kid $15 to go spend on Crack or Meth to mow the yard. I am sure that all 3 readers of my blog recall mowing the neighbor’s yards for a few bucks, probably not for meth, but for candy or baseball cards. I went as far as making flyers and passing them around my neighborhood. Only had a handful of takers, but my card collection grew nicely.

Today, our guest bed is being delivered. Up until now, we have punished our visitors with a futon. Yes, that college apartment standby. We wanted to get a semi-comfortable bed. One that is comfortable for guest, but not overly comfortable to avoid in-laws at the house for months on end.

Basil is up to about 90 pounds now. It is amazing to me how fast he has grown. I guess, in the dog world, he about 16 years old in human terms. I recently learned that the 7 year deal is not all that accurate. I will post a picture for those that are or are not interested. It should also give new readers an idea of what a Spinone Italiano look like.

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