Monday, April 18, 2005

Parents weekend

Well, this past weekend my parents and my brother Bob made the trek south from Missoula. It was a nice weekend, 70+ the entire time. We mostly hung out, but I was able to put my 70 year old parents to work in our .5 acre yard. I am such a slave driver.

Parental visits are kind of funny. I loved the visit and missed them when they left. However, I must admit, the 2.something days they spent with us was about the max for me. This weekend, I realized that I suck at entertaining my folks. It is very hard to constantly keep conversations moving, my wife did most of that. On a brighter note, we bottled our IPA and have 48 Kokanee's waiting consumption.

The Mariners are off to a .500 start...WOOHOO! This is all I asked for when the season started and my goal has been achieved. I guess I should wait until they play the other 150 games before I cross that off my "to-do" list.

Our fruit trees are in bloom at this time. The Cherries look the best followed closely by the plum trees. It is nice how the different types of fruit bloom at different intervals. We are supposed to cool down a bit and then warm up to 70 again for the weekend. For those weather watchers at home, our normal is 61 this time of year.

I understand the Pope is kind of an important person in the Catholic life; however, I don't need to see news coverage on the furnace. For fuck sake, tell us something that I actually give a rat’s ass about. Not to spoil the outcome, but I think the furnace will get real hot and then burn some stuff and some smoke will come out. Now that we have that mystery solved, lets hear about Britney Spear's and how she is preparing for her new baby.

After 2 weeks of Baseball, I am still in first place in my Fantasy baseball league. However, I am not sure how long this dream will last. However, for future debates, I am tracking how many days I am in the lead.

That is about it from here. My job keeps moving along, I will post a blog about that a bit later on...when I am not at work.

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Greg said...

I'll make it easy for you: You have exactly four more days in first place at which point Fear & Loathing will take over. Thanks for keeping the seat warm for us.