Friday, May 20, 2005

End of an Era? MY ASS!

I am not sure about most of my 2 viewers; however, I am sick of the Star Wars publicity. I feel, this movie has lost its entire mystic and charm in these “prequels”. First of all, Anakin becomes Darth Vader. I hate to spoil it for you.

First, let me tell you what I like about Star Wars. The visual and sound effects are great! I highly enjoy the story, and this is a series not just for geeks. However, that is based on the originals! Those tapes no longer exist.

The originals have been changed, twice. First, back in 97 or whenever when they gave Jabba the Hut the Guinness book of world record for being the first walking turd. I am aware that Jabba the Hut was suppose to be a person, and that was changed for ROTJ. Keep in mind that deleted scene from 1977 that was to first introduce Jabba was not mentioned until the “remake” of ‘97. Here are some other unnecessary CGI effects:

1. What were walls in the cloud city now show scenic panoramic views.

2. Some random filler scenes of crowds and alien beings

3. The dramatic explosions of the Death Star

4. A whole host of others that I cannot think of at this time

The second change is now the DVD. The ones I have heard of are, changing Anakin’s image to the “current” Anakin, and Han shooting Greedo in defense.

I do enjoy a good CGI, surround sound mayhem riddled movie. I will rent movies for the sheer joy of hearing them in my surround sound “theatre”. However, this “story” was based on more than just CGI. Giving us that great good vs. evil story line as well as introducing some twisted family dynamics. Star Trek has been more “geek” oriented than Star Wars ever was. With the major focus on computer affects, geeks are starting to rule the theatre seats, while those “old school” fans are searching for those lost original elements.

I am aware that in the mid 90’s, they put out some VHS tapes with “enhanced sound”. I don’t have a problem with this. The story and original screen showing are not being interrupted. But when you start to edit the original movie, redo the image on Anakin in ROTJ to fit the prequels, something is wrong.

In protest, I will not be purchasing the DVD of the original movies. I would love to hear those battles on surround sound; however, purchasing them would mean I have caved into my own “dark side”.

I did see, Episode I in the theatres. But sitting there, I realized a few things:

1. WTF is a character like Jar-Jar doing in this film
2. This is not what I like about Star Wars

Oh, and Han did shoot first! If you care, this link will tell you all other things Han shot.

Now…back to watching “Titanic”. One of these times, that ship will miss the iceberg.

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Bill said...

In the theatrical "Special Edition", Han shoots first by a good margin. In the DVD release, they make it so they shoot at almost the same time...

The change that disturbed me the most it the removal of the blaster hits. In the original, you see the blaster fire smack right into the imperial officers (or what not). In the new version, you never see the hit, you just see them flying back. Kind of like the gun removal from E.T. Both lame.