Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Memo Leakage: Is that like Anal Leakage?

Apparently some memo, the Downing Street memo, has been leaked to the public. This British memo gives the impression that GW and his pals in DC had some semblance of a plan in July of 02 to move forward with military action against Saddam. And, in press conference after press conference before and during the war, inform the public that there was no pre-conceived plan. Oh wait, we declared victory in May of 2003, so I guess we are in a post-war state.

I am tired of being “anti-American” for speaking out against this unjust war. Let’s look at the evidence that was being “fixed around the policy”.

WMD: There are none.

Links to the 9/11: There are none.

Whew, that took too long. I am not saying that Saddam was a great leader, but don’t forget, WE put him in power. He abused the living hell out of it, and should have been taken out. But to have 130K of our troops, experiencing daily casualties, and not really making a lot of headway (please, don’t start on the successful elections), is wrong. To say that we have a coalition of forces, doesn’t really count. Yes, thank you Sudan for your 200 troops, thank you. Italy and Poland are pulling out of this war, and I am sure that the longer this goes on; other countries will do the same.

Main stream media has been all over this memo. You have not seen the Peter Jennings report on this? Huh, go figure. I have seen a lot of coverage on the next Star Wars movie, thank god for that unnecessary publicity.

This document states that Iraq’s nuclear program was less than that of Libya, Iran, and North Korea. Has anyone looked at a map to see how close North Korea is to U.S. land?

Thankfully, our Secretary of State has her facts correct. "This war came to us, not the other way around." That was stated on May 15th, during her visit to Iraq.

This article may look like I am sitting on the sidelines, waiting for GW to emerge from the oval office and say that this war was all planned in 2002. I will be waiting for a long time…something about ice water in Hell.

How does it feel to be lied to? With the factual evidence that is out there about this war, isn't lying unbecoming of a religious person? Would that be a fair statement to make?
He is not even lying for the greater good of the U.S.! For someone that is in-touch with his "faith"...why does he continue lying to everyone? Well, I guess you can't even trust religious politicians.

A brief opinion on the base closers. I am in no way happy that jobs are being lost. However, how else are we going to pay for our rising cost of war and our debt? This is only the beginning. Other programs will be cut back as well, military and non-military. Plus we are about 6 or so months away from a final decision on those base closures. Did anyone else see how many reservist camps are being closed? Not to draw too many conclusions, but this is setting up nicely for a draft.

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