Friday, May 06, 2005

Runaway bride and TMI

This runaway bride story, to me, is worthless. I don't give a rat’s ass that this freak took a bus from Georgia to New Mexico to avoid a wedding. And on top of it, the apology is delivered by her pastor. WTF is that? Take off the 1974 Afghan and talk to the people and look the camera in the eye. Just don't look so wide eyed when you do it. Yes, I took psych in college and I am well aware of some mental disorder that does that to your eyes. I personally think her apology holds no water.

Co-workers. I work with 3 women, and all they do is talk about their private lives and the lives of others. One is the worst. I have heard at least 15 times how the price of her house was dropped 10K. (That is a long story and really not something I care to pass along). Does anyone else out there work with people that breach the TMI line everyday? It is so bad, I know about her son’s financial problems, the amount of ungodly money she is giving her daughter for her wedding, her dad’s health, and other personal matters. I have grown to love my MP3 collection to avoid listening to any more of this talk.

I believe that monetary issues need to be kept to ones self. That new home owner co-worker has moved onto credit card balance talk. What people want to our how they spend money should be left up to them. People will find odd justifications to go thousands of dollars into debt.
Well, that is what I have been stewing about for a week. It feels so good to blog on days like these.

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Anonymous said...

Does your wife know you badmouth women like that?