Monday, June 20, 2005

the Downing Street memo update

Update....absolutely nothing!

Not that I watch every mainstream press show (does The Daily Show count?). But no one covered this memo. I included the link in the title of this blog in case anyone is interested.

On a slightly different note, 60% of America thinks that we should get the hell out of Iraq. Not sure if the poll had "hell" in it, but that would have added more emphasis. I am glad to see that the American public is starting to speak out now. Sounds like Bush disagrees with this philosophy, however, the masses are speaking up. I understand you cannot announce an exit strategy for the sake of giving the insurgents more power. So I guess, you could argue that they have a plan and it is being kept secret. I disagree with this; otherwise, they would be doing more things that would give us a sign. Like, announcing that more and more Iraq troops are getting trained. The White House needs a lot of positive publicity on this war, and they are doing little to acquire that needed boost.

No, I did not win the dove from the MJ trial on Ebay. But I am leading on a couple “Smooth Criminal” shirts.

Swept the Mets

It was only the second time this year the M’s swept a series. In doing so, they compiled 17 hits to beat the once mighty Pedro. Pedro Martinez, going into yesterday’s game, was 13-0 with some ungodly low ERA against the M’s. Well, the future hall of famer lasted 2.2 innings and gave up 6 ER’s. Wooohoo! The M’s tried to blow it in the 6th, but managed to extend their lead in the bottom of the 6th. The M’s are now only 5 games from reaching that .500 mark, and have pulled to within 7.5 games of first place. Now, if we can sweep the last place A’s.

Fantasy Baseball update. I have fallen out of first place. Actually, that fall took place almost 2 weeks ago, just haven’t said anything. This was due to a string of bad luck with my pitching staff. Hopefully, things can turn around this week and I can reclaim first before the All-Star break in early July.

Friday, June 17, 2005

MJ…Guilty or Star justice

Well, the long wait is over. MJ is found not guilty. WTF happened here? From what I heard about this case, he should be found guilty. All the evidence, all the witnesses and the fact this is not the first family to charge the musician with child molestation.

Not that I want to get all wrapped up in this worthless trial, but I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in the jury room. When the verdict was read, I was not surprised one bit. I think it was going to be a given that he would be found not-guilty. I was rather disappointed. Here is a “man” (and I use that term loosely) that is in some desperate need of some help. Many may say the same about me. I think Dave Letterman has it correct in calling him a “freak”.

Anyway, the rest of the MJ fans around the world can finally get on with their lives. Now, I need to go bid on Ebay for one of those doves.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

More on the Random and not on the Mariners

I really have taken to the “random” part of my blog more than the “Mariner” part. Perhaps since the Mariners have not given me much to write about until recently.

They have won 7 of their last 10 games, this is great news. The month of May was not a good month for the northwest squad. We have since pulled ahead of the A’s in the AL West. They are still 7 games back from being a competitive force in their division, and this year, they will need to win this division if they want to play in October.

This also marks the 10 year anniversary that baseball was saved in the northwest. The Mariners came from a 0-2 game deficit to beat the Yankees in a best of 5 series. In ’95, they also made a large comeback in the month of September to win the AL West. It would be fitting to have deja-vu all over again.

The next series of games is against some forces from the NL East. If we can come away with a better than .500 record on this road trip, I will ecstatic.

Apple to shift gears

For some of you, the news that Apple will be moving off of the PowerPC IBM/Motorola chip to Intel mean very little. However, for those of us that like variety, I see this as a blow to those die-hard Applephites.

What will happen to Apple’s strong hold on the graphics and designer community? Will this help Intel stream line their chips to be more like RISC technology? We will not know these answers until after 2006. I personally like Intel, but it would be nice to see the instruction set lowered slightly.

Most major software manufactures for Apple also have PC formats for their products. I would imagine the porting over from the PowerPC to Intel should not bad a horrible experience. I see this is being extremely beneficial to Apple taking a larger part of the PC market share. I use a MAC at work to manage our Windows/Citrix environment. I like the MAC, mostly do to its unlikely virus attack vulnerability.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

W. Mark Felt

I am not sure how I feel about Deep Throat revealing himself. Personally, when I heard the news, I was “oh wow,” and went on with my life. I recently had an email with a friend who I will call deep throat to keep his anonymity. He mentioned that Deep Throat is “a hero” by the press. In his email, he also mentioned Linda Tripp as been “demonized” for her actions during Clinton’s administration. Personally I don’t see either one of these as being true. I have seen articles showing the opposite as being true for these two players.

If anything, Woodward and Bernstein were the “heroes” for exposing the corruption of the Nixon campaign. As well, Kenneth Star was seen as the “demon” of the Clinton scandal. But, those heroes and demons are just my own opinion. My email source, deep throat, mentioned that Clinton perjured himself about this “sexual relations”. Perhaps he did, but I don’t think this means you can compare the scandals. Clinton was impeached for his “sexual relations” while Nixon was impeached for breaking into DNC headquarters. These seem like apples and oranges. This also brings up the question: When it comes to politicians, what is perjury?

I bring in GW as my current evidence of this. No WMD, no links to terrorist. Yet, we are still in Iraq attempting to bring peace, order, and democracy to an area of the world that really does not want us or our ideas. So, GW tells the American public that there are WMD and links to terrorist. However, over the past few years, both of these have been proven wrong. This, my friends, is perjury to me. What better court than the American public. But what do we do to reward this lying…GW wins re-election. WTF went wrong here?

I do respect my friend’s opinions and did make a short attempt to see his side. If I stretch a bit, I can see where he is coming from.

I am afraid now that the movie “All the Presidents Men” will not hold as much value with me…or at least I don’t think it will