Thursday, June 09, 2005

Apple to shift gears

For some of you, the news that Apple will be moving off of the PowerPC IBM/Motorola chip to Intel mean very little. However, for those of us that like variety, I see this as a blow to those die-hard Applephites.

What will happen to Apple’s strong hold on the graphics and designer community? Will this help Intel stream line their chips to be more like RISC technology? We will not know these answers until after 2006. I personally like Intel, but it would be nice to see the instruction set lowered slightly.

Most major software manufactures for Apple also have PC formats for their products. I would imagine the porting over from the PowerPC to Intel should not bad a horrible experience. I see this is being extremely beneficial to Apple taking a larger part of the PC market share. I use a MAC at work to manage our Windows/Citrix environment. I like the MAC, mostly do to its unlikely virus attack vulnerability.

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Bill said...

Graphics designers could care less about what chip is inside the box they use. They care about usability and design, and that won't change. What will change: faster laptops for one. They'll like that. Also, I am sure there will be a program that will make is very easy to run Windows apps on the new Macs at full speed. They will care about there. There are many 'neat' tools they currently can't use. Did you watch Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote? Worth a watch:
Hey from the UK.