Monday, June 20, 2005

the Downing Street memo update

Update....absolutely nothing!

Not that I watch every mainstream press show (does The Daily Show count?). But no one covered this memo. I included the link in the title of this blog in case anyone is interested.

On a slightly different note, 60% of America thinks that we should get the hell out of Iraq. Not sure if the poll had "hell" in it, but that would have added more emphasis. I am glad to see that the American public is starting to speak out now. Sounds like Bush disagrees with this philosophy, however, the masses are speaking up. I understand you cannot announce an exit strategy for the sake of giving the insurgents more power. So I guess, you could argue that they have a plan and it is being kept secret. I disagree with this; otherwise, they would be doing more things that would give us a sign. Like, announcing that more and more Iraq troops are getting trained. The White House needs a lot of positive publicity on this war, and they are doing little to acquire that needed boost.

No, I did not win the dove from the MJ trial on Ebay. But I am leading on a couple “Smooth Criminal” shirts.

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