Tuesday, June 07, 2005

W. Mark Felt

I am not sure how I feel about Deep Throat revealing himself. Personally, when I heard the news, I was “oh wow,” and went on with my life. I recently had an email with a friend who I will call deep throat to keep his anonymity. He mentioned that Deep Throat is “a hero” by the press. In his email, he also mentioned Linda Tripp as been “demonized” for her actions during Clinton’s administration. Personally I don’t see either one of these as being true. I have seen articles showing the opposite as being true for these two players.

If anything, Woodward and Bernstein were the “heroes” for exposing the corruption of the Nixon campaign. As well, Kenneth Star was seen as the “demon” of the Clinton scandal. But, those heroes and demons are just my own opinion. My email source, deep throat, mentioned that Clinton perjured himself about this “sexual relations”. Perhaps he did, but I don’t think this means you can compare the scandals. Clinton was impeached for his “sexual relations” while Nixon was impeached for breaking into DNC headquarters. These seem like apples and oranges. This also brings up the question: When it comes to politicians, what is perjury?

I bring in GW as my current evidence of this. No WMD, no links to terrorist. Yet, we are still in Iraq attempting to bring peace, order, and democracy to an area of the world that really does not want us or our ideas. So, GW tells the American public that there are WMD and links to terrorist. However, over the past few years, both of these have been proven wrong. This, my friends, is perjury to me. What better court than the American public. But what do we do to reward this lying…GW wins re-election. WTF went wrong here?

I do respect my friend’s opinions and did make a short attempt to see his side. If I stretch a bit, I can see where he is coming from.

I am afraid now that the movie “All the Presidents Men” will not hold as much value with me…or at least I don’t think it will

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