Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In the Words of Elton John….

Saturday! Saturday! This weekend, my wife and I start a vacation to the dry, arid climate of the upper Midwest. Our travels will take us to Minneapolis then onto the Wisconsin Dells. Any of you that have been/heard of the Dells, are probably asking me “Do you have kids?” Nope. Followed by “Why the fuck would you want to go there?”

First, Minneapolis. I have two very good friends that live in this area. Our game plan on Saturday is a relaxing time drinking something besides 3.2 beer. Chances are some bocci will be played. Sunday is when we take our voyage south into the heart of the Cheese head state.

Water Parks litter the Dells like deflated balloons at a Grateful Dead concert. Sure, I enjoy a kid or two, but thousands of screaming tikes running around like decapitated chickens, I can live without. The main reason for our journey is a family reunion on my wife’s side. We have had the luck of finding a winery close by as well as the Beir Haus located in the historic downtown of the Dells.

I know that we will make the most of this trip; however, my “kid guard” is on watch…a.k.a size 11 shoe.

Overall, I am excited to see my friends of old. For those of us without kids, watching the potential hissy fits and temper tantrums that could take place, just might be the best form of birth control on the planet.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Lord of the Idiots

I got sucked into the reality show Extreme Home Makeover. I really do try to avoid reality TV, but every now and again the need to lose of brain cells overcomes me. Don’t get me wrong, what this show does is appears to be actually helpful to those that have been hit by tragedy. But I think they need to establish some rules on this show.

  1. Never appraise your new home. What was once a one level rat infested, termite eaten house, is now a 3 story mansion.
  2. There is no crying on TV. Much like baseball, there should be no crying on reality TV. Like I said above, they help out those that cannot help themselves, so emotions are running rampant. But, let’s take it down a notch.

Does anyone think the “Seinfeld curse” exists? George “lord of the idiots” Constanza appears now in an ad for Chrysler with ex-CEO Lee Iococca. I think there is a certain curse that comes with success. From now on, he will be known as George to almost everyone. And his sitcom attempts in the recent past have lacked the needed pizzazz to re-launch a new career and some new characters. Think of Theo Huxtable, Malcom-Jamal Warner, much easier to call him Theo. The curse of success.

Mid-summer classic

On Tuesday the All-Star game takes center stage in Detroit. I use to be a huge fan of this event. But what is this event…an exhibition or a real game? It was suppose to be a fun game to kind of sit back and relax and enjoy the large amount of baseball talent being spewed onto the field. However, now the winner of this game acquires home field advantage for the World Series. Is that right? Sure, it makes the game more interesting as a fan to watch because of the added pressure for the October classic. However, this is supposed to be an exhibition. Major League Baseball needs to make up its mind on what this game means.

It is going to reach 103 on Wednesday this week. I have a feeling our swamp cooler will be working overtime to keep our living area…well…livable. It is a dry heat. I have spent some time in the summer months of FL, MD, ILL, and TX. I will take the dry heat.

The M’s are going into the summer break on a 4 game sweep of the California Angels of Los Angeles and Orange County. For M fans everywhere, that is a huge accomplishment. I said I would not write too much more about win streaks, but this one should be mentioned. It appears very hard for the M’s to put together a series of wins, especially a 4 game sweep. Let’s hope this carries over into the second half.

At the break, I am in first place in my Fantasy Baseball league. About 130 points ahead of second.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am not talking about the Intel generation of Apple to be released in the future, but the summit taking place in Scotland this week. I recently read why the U.S. is not into the Kyoto treaty. Since developing countries don’t have to be held to this standard, why should developed countries like us? Of course, GW would have to admit that Global warming is happening.

As we all know, global warming is some “liberals” idea. Damn the liberals for showing us the melting Glaciers in Glacier Park. For some reason, “Going to the Sun Park” does not have the same ring to it. Damn those infidel liberals for showing how the polar ice caps are melting. Damn you liberals for the odd global weathers patterns that are developing and the constant warming of our planet. Stupid Liberals.

On a separate note, the non-catholic country of Spain legalized gay marriage over the July 4th weekend. I wonder when our religious right leader will start to embrace diversity and not try to put Amendments in our Constitution to ban them. I have not heard much from this argument for some time. It appears to have dropped from the main spotlight, much like lesbian mud wrestling and the Downing Street memo.

HOT! and random

I have not of any huge importance to talk about in this blog. So here goes random paragraph after random paragraph.

It is getting hot in the SLC area. Not quit to the 100 degree level, but upper 90’s. Last summer we were lucky to never reach 100. However, yesterday on my desktop weather, it did say 100, the official was 96. I really need A/C in my car.

The M’s have hit another skid. We are, again, in the cellar. I am hoping by blogging about them, they can turn things around. The last time I blogged to praise them on a win streak, they lost their next 4. I am hoping this paragraph reverses the trend.

I am clinging to first place in my Fantasy baseball league. However, my time at the top will be limited to this week. I have a feeling that I will be in second upon the arrival of the all star break next week.

Did anyone else see the TLC special on cleavage last night? I think it was on TLC, I forget which channel it was on since I was distracted.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


July 4th has come and gone. To celebrate this holiday, my wife and I, and a few guests, blew a small part of our driveway to show our appreciation of our freedom. I am not sure how the neighbors liked it but it was short lived. Hell, what is one day a year to place totally destruction and scarring upon ones cement driveway. We also went to Kelly Clarkson concert on July 2nd at a local stadium. I know I will catch a lot of flack from my 2 readers on this one.

I see that GW was again giving reference to 9/11 in a speech he delivered last week. Do I need to review the facts? He might be using this towards a defense on why the 10K or so troops are in Afghanistan. However, I think he still tries to use this “link” to justify the 130K troops in Iraq. We will never truly know. The 5 years that GW has been in power, will take 10 years, if not more, to repair the worldly damage that has been done.

Sandra Day and Rehnquist have me a bit concerned. I hope that GW looks at the best interests of our country and its future. Looking at his track records, his best and his parties best interested will be maintained. We need to change our mentality in the White House, what may be good for the goose, is not always good for the gander.