Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am not talking about the Intel generation of Apple to be released in the future, but the summit taking place in Scotland this week. I recently read why the U.S. is not into the Kyoto treaty. Since developing countries don’t have to be held to this standard, why should developed countries like us? Of course, GW would have to admit that Global warming is happening.

As we all know, global warming is some “liberals” idea. Damn the liberals for showing us the melting Glaciers in Glacier Park. For some reason, “Going to the Sun Park” does not have the same ring to it. Damn those infidel liberals for showing how the polar ice caps are melting. Damn you liberals for the odd global weathers patterns that are developing and the constant warming of our planet. Stupid Liberals.

On a separate note, the non-catholic country of Spain legalized gay marriage over the July 4th weekend. I wonder when our religious right leader will start to embrace diversity and not try to put Amendments in our Constitution to ban them. I have not heard much from this argument for some time. It appears to have dropped from the main spotlight, much like lesbian mud wrestling and the Downing Street memo.


Bill said...
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Bill said...

You know, I'm not to sure on this global warming thing. Yes, I 100% believe that things are getting warmer, but I also believe things will get colder in the future. If you look at historical data--and I mean VERY historical data--over the last 500,000 years or so, there is a very cyclic nature to temperatures and C02 levels. About every 100,000 years, the temperature drops and we get an ice age. I think we are just recovering from an ice age. More data:

Now, are we helping it along? Probably, but I haven't seen seen data that relates current global warming to a delta against historical trends...