Thursday, July 07, 2005

HOT! and random

I have not of any huge importance to talk about in this blog. So here goes random paragraph after random paragraph.

It is getting hot in the SLC area. Not quit to the 100 degree level, but upper 90’s. Last summer we were lucky to never reach 100. However, yesterday on my desktop weather, it did say 100, the official was 96. I really need A/C in my car.

The M’s have hit another skid. We are, again, in the cellar. I am hoping by blogging about them, they can turn things around. The last time I blogged to praise them on a win streak, they lost their next 4. I am hoping this paragraph reverses the trend.

I am clinging to first place in my Fantasy baseball league. However, my time at the top will be limited to this week. I have a feeling that I will be in second upon the arrival of the all star break next week.

Did anyone else see the TLC special on cleavage last night? I think it was on TLC, I forget which channel it was on since I was distracted.

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Bill said...

Cleavage? Did you Tivo that???