Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In the Words of Elton John….

Saturday! Saturday! This weekend, my wife and I start a vacation to the dry, arid climate of the upper Midwest. Our travels will take us to Minneapolis then onto the Wisconsin Dells. Any of you that have been/heard of the Dells, are probably asking me “Do you have kids?” Nope. Followed by “Why the fuck would you want to go there?”

First, Minneapolis. I have two very good friends that live in this area. Our game plan on Saturday is a relaxing time drinking something besides 3.2 beer. Chances are some bocci will be played. Sunday is when we take our voyage south into the heart of the Cheese head state.

Water Parks litter the Dells like deflated balloons at a Grateful Dead concert. Sure, I enjoy a kid or two, but thousands of screaming tikes running around like decapitated chickens, I can live without. The main reason for our journey is a family reunion on my wife’s side. We have had the luck of finding a winery close by as well as the Beir Haus located in the historic downtown of the Dells.

I know that we will make the most of this trip; however, my “kid guard” is on watch…a.k.a size 11 shoe.

Overall, I am excited to see my friends of old. For those of us without kids, watching the potential hissy fits and temper tantrums that could take place, just might be the best form of birth control on the planet.

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