Monday, July 11, 2005

Lord of the Idiots

I got sucked into the reality show Extreme Home Makeover. I really do try to avoid reality TV, but every now and again the need to lose of brain cells overcomes me. Don’t get me wrong, what this show does is appears to be actually helpful to those that have been hit by tragedy. But I think they need to establish some rules on this show.

  1. Never appraise your new home. What was once a one level rat infested, termite eaten house, is now a 3 story mansion.
  2. There is no crying on TV. Much like baseball, there should be no crying on reality TV. Like I said above, they help out those that cannot help themselves, so emotions are running rampant. But, let’s take it down a notch.

Does anyone think the “Seinfeld curse” exists? George “lord of the idiots” Constanza appears now in an ad for Chrysler with ex-CEO Lee Iococca. I think there is a certain curse that comes with success. From now on, he will be known as George to almost everyone. And his sitcom attempts in the recent past have lacked the needed pizzazz to re-launch a new career and some new characters. Think of Theo Huxtable, Malcom-Jamal Warner, much easier to call him Theo. The curse of success.

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