Monday, July 11, 2005

Mid-summer classic

On Tuesday the All-Star game takes center stage in Detroit. I use to be a huge fan of this event. But what is this event…an exhibition or a real game? It was suppose to be a fun game to kind of sit back and relax and enjoy the large amount of baseball talent being spewed onto the field. However, now the winner of this game acquires home field advantage for the World Series. Is that right? Sure, it makes the game more interesting as a fan to watch because of the added pressure for the October classic. However, this is supposed to be an exhibition. Major League Baseball needs to make up its mind on what this game means.

It is going to reach 103 on Wednesday this week. I have a feeling our swamp cooler will be working overtime to keep our living area…well…livable. It is a dry heat. I have spent some time in the summer months of FL, MD, ILL, and TX. I will take the dry heat.

The M’s are going into the summer break on a 4 game sweep of the California Angels of Los Angeles and Orange County. For M fans everywhere, that is a huge accomplishment. I said I would not write too much more about win streaks, but this one should be mentioned. It appears very hard for the M’s to put together a series of wins, especially a 4 game sweep. Let’s hope this carries over into the second half.

At the break, I am in first place in my Fantasy Baseball league. About 130 points ahead of second.

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