Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Welcome Andren and Fantasy sports update

I would like to first thank “Andren” for not posting anonymously and not posting a comment on how I can refinance my home. Welcome my fellow Mariner fan. Even though this blog has been avoiding the M’s.

Last night, the 31 year old rookie, Harris took control of the Mariners and was the leader in getting them past the evil empire. Tonight, we have a match up that could be a sign of things to come, Felix vs. Randy. I might have to tune into MLB radio and check this one out.

I have officially in second place in my Fantasy Baseball league. The evil commissioner of our league has overtaken me for the top spot. We have about 4 weeks of baseball to go and I am 250 points out of first.

Tomorrow is my Fantasy Football draft. This is always an interesting time; I generally suck at drafting a team, so I will be sure to update everyone as time goes on. I think I need to call in sick, way behind on research.

I really should have more to blog about since it has been almost a month since my last update. I am sure something else will come to mind.

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Bill said...

Insider tip: Pat Beach.