Friday, September 30, 2005

Up on the roof…Vegas baby!

Tomorrow I will be taking the climb up to the roof to “winterize” our swamp cooler. I have been thinking about this all week, and I am NOT looking forward to it. The job should only take 20-30 minutes, if that. The hardest part will be getting over my fear.

Next weekend I will be attending iForum in Vegas. I have not been to Vegas since coming of age. The last time I was there, the Mob ran the show and “The Strip” didn’t exist. Of course, I was 5 or so. Maybe I saw a “hit” and didn’t realize it.

Not much else to report. This weekend will be our fall cleanup time as temperatures are supposes to be in the 80’s. Of course, Tuesday is going to be a high of 60, gotta love fall. Since I won’t be able to attend UM’s homecoming this weekend. I will have a beer and watch the game online.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To Bill...

...If that is your real name. I will do my best to keep MPG information. However, not being the primary driver, that could be rather difficult, but I will train the drive the best that I can.

Nothing important in this blog...

Monday, September 26, 2005

1 week left and other updates of random goodness

Baseball’s regular season has one more week of life left before “October Madness” begins. The M’s do not have a shot in hell of making it. It is my hope, and the hope of other M’s fans around the world, that .500 is a reasonable goal for next season.

The wild card races this year are very good. It could very well come down to the last game in both the NL and AL. I hope that October will offer those of us with a passion for our summer pastime, some fall excitement.

Fall is coming to the Wasatch front. Our highs are no better than 70’s. I guess time climb up on the roof and cover up the swamp cooler. This is not fun for someone who has a fear of heights. Our home is an English style Tudor offering a nice steep pitched roof. If I don’t post for awhile, you know where to find me, somewhere next to my house on the ground.

My wife and I just purchased a new Jeep Liberty Diesel. Our main goal of this was to get better gas mileage, emissions, and have the capabilities to tow 5000 pounds. For those of you know us, we have so many needs to tow 5000 pounds. So far, 400 miles, we are pretty excited about this purchase.

On a personal note, I recently turned down a job that would have returned my family and me to Montana. I was the hardest decision that I have had to make, in recent history. This could be a close second to that choice to hit a 5 Wood into the water at Catigny in Chicago, damn you Dick Tracy, but I digress. My wife and I put a lot of thought and deliberation into our choice to stay in SLC. Perhaps in a few years, our decision process will not be as labor intensive.

Come on Seachickens! After tomorrow, I will be 2-1 in Fantasy Football. I am a mediocre team and will most likely not make the playoffs. Yes, I know it is early.

In terms of Fantasy Baseball, I am fighting to stay in second place. Much like the regular season in the real MLB, our fantasy league has been very competitive this year. I guess, next year, vengence will be mine.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bush to have an investigation…

This is an ugly trend this president has going for him. He had a 9/11 commission to investigate what happened there. Now, we have an investigation into why we were slow to get to the areas hit by the hurricane.

The 9/11 commission I can kind see, since it was a terrorist attack and that is something that you really can’t plan for. However, I think he does this sort of thing to avoid the finger being pointed at him. “W” is a professional spinner. He has the ability to turn the attention to CIA, or in this case FEMA.

I am not sure what the chain of command is for FEMA and how they report to the President. However, this makes me think of the X-Files movie. For those of you that have not seen that movie, FEMA is talked about as the most powerful government agency. I would think that “W”, if he was to use that gray matter, would have been to go to the director and say “Hurricanes a brewing, whacha doin’ bout it?” (As he leans on a podium with that shit eating grin on his face.).

Has anyone else read how funding to “upgrade” these levies was cut? Huh, can we say, unnecessary war? Thanks to the under funded “no child” act and the potentially over funded “Homeland security” mixed in with tax cuts, something had to give.

Felix is the man!

One shinning spot from this years M’s season is Felix Hernandez. This kid can pitch! He went 7 shutout innings against the A’s yesterday. The bullpen held true for the M’s to beat the A’s 2-0 in O-town. One thing the M’s have going for them, which I am not accustom to, is youth.

I project that in about 2 years, the M’s should be competing for the AL West title again. They need one year to get clicking. Plus, Tacoma, the AAA team, won the PCL Northern division. It is good see that our minor league teams are having success. I hope that proves well for the M’s in upcoming seasons.

I did not heed Bill’s advice to take Pat Beach on my Fantasy team. I will keep my 4 readers informed of my progress or lack of progress, in my fantasy football league.

Homeland security, must not include natural disasters

Okay, I know. Our government does not have the power to stop Mother Nature; however, they can aid those that suffer. We have an entire center in Miami that track hurricanes. I am sure that some of their money comes from Uncle Sam. So, this “center” tells America that New Orleans is right in the track of the hurricane, about 2 days before it actually hits. So what does FEMA do? Waits until after the hurricane hits, at least 3-5 days depending on where you may live, to aid those that need help. I believe our response to the Tsunami victims was faster.

Why is that whenever natural disasters occur, “W” needs Clinton and Dad to aid him? Clinton and Bush Sr. seemed to be on the same page for the Tsunami; however, in watching some interviews of them, I would say, this disaster might cause a divide between these two ex-leaders.

The West was price gouged, plain and simple. Apparently, Wyoming and parts of Canada were hit by a hurricane as well. Or at least that is the only reason why I can think the price of gas in SLC went up 35 cents. I know other parts of the west had to deal with rising prices. I think it is extremely unfair of gas companies to take advantage of us car/SUV loving Americans. Plus, there was a lot of coverage on the pipeline of gas to the east coast, however, since power has been restored, I have not seen any press coverage. I did see a mention on the CNN ticker on TV that Marathon will have power restored to their facilities by Labor Day…that was yesterday. Isn’t if funny how gas companies raise prices at the slightest notion of trouble, but once that has gone away, they are hesitant to lower them.

I joked in my Fantasy Football draft about the “San Antonio Saints.” Little did I know, that could become reality.