Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bush to have an investigation…

This is an ugly trend this president has going for him. He had a 9/11 commission to investigate what happened there. Now, we have an investigation into why we were slow to get to the areas hit by the hurricane.

The 9/11 commission I can kind see, since it was a terrorist attack and that is something that you really can’t plan for. However, I think he does this sort of thing to avoid the finger being pointed at him. “W” is a professional spinner. He has the ability to turn the attention to CIA, or in this case FEMA.

I am not sure what the chain of command is for FEMA and how they report to the President. However, this makes me think of the X-Files movie. For those of you that have not seen that movie, FEMA is talked about as the most powerful government agency. I would think that “W”, if he was to use that gray matter, would have been to go to the director and say “Hurricanes a brewing, whacha doin’ bout it?” (As he leans on a podium with that shit eating grin on his face.).

Has anyone else read how funding to “upgrade” these levies was cut? Huh, can we say, unnecessary war? Thanks to the under funded “no child” act and the potentially over funded “Homeland security” mixed in with tax cuts, something had to give.