Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Felix is the man!

One shinning spot from this years M’s season is Felix Hernandez. This kid can pitch! He went 7 shutout innings against the A’s yesterday. The bullpen held true for the M’s to beat the A’s 2-0 in O-town. One thing the M’s have going for them, which I am not accustom to, is youth.

I project that in about 2 years, the M’s should be competing for the AL West title again. They need one year to get clicking. Plus, Tacoma, the AAA team, won the PCL Northern division. It is good see that our minor league teams are having success. I hope that proves well for the M’s in upcoming seasons.

I did not heed Bill’s advice to take Pat Beach on my Fantasy team. I will keep my 4 readers informed of my progress or lack of progress, in my fantasy football league.

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