Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Homeland security, must not include natural disasters

Okay, I know. Our government does not have the power to stop Mother Nature; however, they can aid those that suffer. We have an entire center in Miami that track hurricanes. I am sure that some of their money comes from Uncle Sam. So, this “center” tells America that New Orleans is right in the track of the hurricane, about 2 days before it actually hits. So what does FEMA do? Waits until after the hurricane hits, at least 3-5 days depending on where you may live, to aid those that need help. I believe our response to the Tsunami victims was faster.

Why is that whenever natural disasters occur, “W” needs Clinton and Dad to aid him? Clinton and Bush Sr. seemed to be on the same page for the Tsunami; however, in watching some interviews of them, I would say, this disaster might cause a divide between these two ex-leaders.

The West was price gouged, plain and simple. Apparently, Wyoming and parts of Canada were hit by a hurricane as well. Or at least that is the only reason why I can think the price of gas in SLC went up 35 cents. I know other parts of the west had to deal with rising prices. I think it is extremely unfair of gas companies to take advantage of us car/SUV loving Americans. Plus, there was a lot of coverage on the pipeline of gas to the east coast, however, since power has been restored, I have not seen any press coverage. I did see a mention on the CNN ticker on TV that Marathon will have power restored to their facilities by Labor Day…that was yesterday. Isn’t if funny how gas companies raise prices at the slightest notion of trouble, but once that has gone away, they are hesitant to lower them.

I joked in my Fantasy Football draft about the “San Antonio Saints.” Little did I know, that could become reality.

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