Friday, October 28, 2005

Expanding Mariner questions...

I finally took the Mariners up on emailing their "mailbag". Here was my question to them:

"Should the Mariners go after pitching in future upcoming drafts? Not just random throughout the draft, but like for the first 15 rounds straight. Pitching has won the last 2 WS for the Soxes, and countless times before that as well. King Felix is great, but we also need to find the next Oswalt and the next Garcia. I am curious if the M's have any plans to take a more aggressive pitcher draft strategy in 06 and possibly in 07."

It was nice to see the Sox win the World Series and break their own curse. Pitching has been a major cog in the championship wheel and mostly good, young talent at that. I really don't want the M's going after flash in the pan free agency pitching. Please see Carl Pavano for the primary example on this topic. Yes, he was injured, but did nothing before his injury. I am under the school of thought that free agency is NOT going to save the M's and get them to the World Series.

Lora and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past Wednesday. We did exchange gifts of the non-traditional sort. I found on some tech sites that the 3rd anniversary should include Season 6 of The Simpsons, and some RAM for a computer. Lora got a watch out of the deal. We had an enjoyable time with the standard dinner and movie date.

Today and tomorrow are going to be raining here in the SLC valley. I guess I will have to clean out my office and do things around the house.

A quick update on fantasy football, I am currently in 4th place, well, tied for 3rd. I am a mediocre team that had huge success last weekend. I hope I am able to knock off the #1 team this upcoming weekend. I think that all of my 3 readers know that my history in fantasy sports has never been outstanding. Maybe next year I will order a chicken salad, on rye, untoasted ... and a cup of tea. Nothing has ever worked out for me with Tuna on toast.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Congrats Sox and Astros…NBA, just shut up!

I sure hope this turns out to be a great World Series. We have two of the best pitching teams going head-to-head. I give the edge to the White Sox, they have a bit better offense, but we shall soon see. I am still amazed at how the starting pitching for the Sox performed in their last series with the Angels.

The NBA players need to just shut up. I see that the 8 million dollar Marcus Camby is asking for a “clothing allowance” or something like that, to meet the new dress code. Whatever. The players are making a mountain out of this mole hill. Sorry, need to wear a collared shirt and not that Walt Frazier jersey on the sidelines. Personally, I am happy about this, help clean up the image of the NBA. I have not watched a complete NBA games since the last strike. So, no matter what, they won’t bring me back into the mix as a fan.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Diesel price....WTF?

Thank you Bill. Our trip was 135 miles one way going over 2 major hills and some smaller hills in the middle. Overall, a fairly rolling drive. We got 18 MPG going down, while my brother-in-law in his Xterra towing a 4400 pound Dutchman got 8. Now, the T@B is only 2K fully loaded, so we towed about half of what they were towing. Our mileage would have been worse if our weight was up.

The sad part, diesel in Fillmore Utah was $3.35 per gallon, to some degree, eliminating our diesel gas benefit, at least from a MPG standpoint. As a child and up until about 2 years ago, diesel was always cheaper then gas. Now, it is about 10-30 cents higher than the 91 Octane gas. I asked someone local about this, and they said "supply and demand, just not enough demand for diesel." I responded with a "bullshit" and brought up the facts listed above. Apparently, tax plays a larger roll in this "cheaper to produce" source of fuel that I want to think about.

I am not sure what our coming home MPG will be. We have 3/4 of a tank left of a 20 gallon tank. If that is truely the case, we drove 135 miles on 5 gallons of gas for 27 MPG...seems a bit high...but I hope it is true. I did seem easier.

Seachickens and the first camping trip

I had the unique opportunity to watch the Seachickens pound the hell out of the Texans last night on ESPN. The reason this is unique, SLC does not show Seachickens games, unless they were play Denver. Even San Fran games can’t beat out Denver.

We went camping for the first time in our new travel trailer this past weekend. I am sure that Lora will be updating our webpage for those of you interested in seeing our tiny trailer in action. Ours is a T@B clamshell, if you want to look on your own. Below is a small photo from the driveway.

It was over 70 degrees yesterday, hard to believe that October is here, and almost gone. It is actually nice, we have a lot of tulip bulbs to plant and some late fall yard work to be completed.

Basil in the trailer