Monday, October 17, 2005

Diesel price....WTF?

Thank you Bill. Our trip was 135 miles one way going over 2 major hills and some smaller hills in the middle. Overall, a fairly rolling drive. We got 18 MPG going down, while my brother-in-law in his Xterra towing a 4400 pound Dutchman got 8. Now, the T@B is only 2K fully loaded, so we towed about half of what they were towing. Our mileage would have been worse if our weight was up.

The sad part, diesel in Fillmore Utah was $3.35 per gallon, to some degree, eliminating our diesel gas benefit, at least from a MPG standpoint. As a child and up until about 2 years ago, diesel was always cheaper then gas. Now, it is about 10-30 cents higher than the 91 Octane gas. I asked someone local about this, and they said "supply and demand, just not enough demand for diesel." I responded with a "bullshit" and brought up the facts listed above. Apparently, tax plays a larger roll in this "cheaper to produce" source of fuel that I want to think about.

I am not sure what our coming home MPG will be. We have 3/4 of a tank left of a 20 gallon tank. If that is truely the case, we drove 135 miles on 5 gallons of gas for 27 MPG...seems a bit high...but I hope it is true. I did seem easier.

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Bill said...

I think it might be a supply and demand issue. The thing is there is more demand for diesel now than there was, yet the refining capacity hasn't increased. The odd thing is diesel is less refined petroleum than gas, so it really should be cheaper...