Friday, October 28, 2005

Expanding Mariner questions...

I finally took the Mariners up on emailing their "mailbag". Here was my question to them:

"Should the Mariners go after pitching in future upcoming drafts? Not just random throughout the draft, but like for the first 15 rounds straight. Pitching has won the last 2 WS for the Soxes, and countless times before that as well. King Felix is great, but we also need to find the next Oswalt and the next Garcia. I am curious if the M's have any plans to take a more aggressive pitcher draft strategy in 06 and possibly in 07."

It was nice to see the Sox win the World Series and break their own curse. Pitching has been a major cog in the championship wheel and mostly good, young talent at that. I really don't want the M's going after flash in the pan free agency pitching. Please see Carl Pavano for the primary example on this topic. Yes, he was injured, but did nothing before his injury. I am under the school of thought that free agency is NOT going to save the M's and get them to the World Series.

Lora and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past Wednesday. We did exchange gifts of the non-traditional sort. I found on some tech sites that the 3rd anniversary should include Season 6 of The Simpsons, and some RAM for a computer. Lora got a watch out of the deal. We had an enjoyable time with the standard dinner and movie date.

Today and tomorrow are going to be raining here in the SLC valley. I guess I will have to clean out my office and do things around the house.

A quick update on fantasy football, I am currently in 4th place, well, tied for 3rd. I am a mediocre team that had huge success last weekend. I hope I am able to knock off the #1 team this upcoming weekend. I think that all of my 3 readers know that my history in fantasy sports has never been outstanding. Maybe next year I will order a chicken salad, on rye, untoasted ... and a cup of tea. Nothing has ever worked out for me with Tuna on toast.

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Congrats on the anniversary!!!