Monday, October 17, 2005

Seachickens and the first camping trip

I had the unique opportunity to watch the Seachickens pound the hell out of the Texans last night on ESPN. The reason this is unique, SLC does not show Seachickens games, unless they were play Denver. Even San Fran games can’t beat out Denver.

We went camping for the first time in our new travel trailer this past weekend. I am sure that Lora will be updating our webpage for those of you interested in seeing our tiny trailer in action. Ours is a T@B clamshell, if you want to look on your own. Below is a small photo from the driveway.

It was over 70 degrees yesterday, hard to believe that October is here, and almost gone. It is actually nice, we have a lot of tulip bulbs to plant and some late fall yard work to be completed.

Basil in the trailer

1 comment:

Bill said...

Ah ha! Now I see why you needed the massive pulling power of the diesel ;)

Any word on mileage???