Monday, November 21, 2005

Damn Bobcats

MSU was able to defeat UM 16-6 on Saturday. It was a horrible game for us UM grads. The Offense was still stuck in the heavy Bozeman traffic well into the second half. However, we were able to get an “at large” bid to the playoffs for D1-AA. We will be playing Cal Poly at home…again. I have a sneaky feeling that we will lose this game. Poly will have something to prove to the fans of Missoula.

I see the EPA is going to included A/C use and stop and go travel when they do MPG ratings in the future. I am not sure when these changes take affect, but I hope soon. It took many claims for those hybrid drivers out there to help with this change. I read one blog by a person stating that his Honda Civic hybrid was getting 31 MPG on the highway, but was advertised to get 47. I am not sure why this took so long, it says right on the sticker something to the affect of driving between 20 and 50 miles per hour to get that mileage rating. What I did not know, the EPA test you see on window stickers measurers the emissions the car produces and not the actual fuel used. Who drives 50 in a 65 or better yet, a 75 speed zone. I never put too much thought into this before, because it always seemed that our cars were “close” to the advertised rating. Our Jeep is getting around 21 MPG, with a good mix of City/Highway/4X4. When we drive to MT this December, this will be our first 100% highway trip in the vehicle w/o towing anything. However, we could be in 4X4, depending on road conditions.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, but I don’t have to tell my 3 readers that. My wife and I are hosting our first turkey day. Lora is doing the cooking, so my job will be stress relief and to stay the hell outa the way.

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Bill said...

Go Cats!

The biggest issue in my mind about gas mileage ratings, is that car companies must, by law, use the EPA ratings. They can't even say "The EPA rating is 41 mpg for this car, but in real world use will be closer to 31." That's illegal.