Monday, November 14, 2005

Vegas and Christmas

I just returned from a weekend get-a-way to Vegas. The time away was nice, but I find Vegas very repetitive. Each hotel is a mini-city of sorts, some better than others. You do your fair share of walking around Vegas. My time could have been better spent than looking at Louis Vuitton clothes that I cannot afford. Las Vegas is a money pit. We kinda planned for this trip, but we seemed to overstep our budget on several occasions.

I have no plans on going back anytime within the next few years, but our traveling companions appear to enjoy Vegas; they go 3 or more times a year.

Fall has officially hit SLC, and it is November 14th. That is pretty good. It is rainy and cold today. It has been in the 50’s to upper 60’s and sunny.

Christmas ads are already covering our TV sets at night. They have actually been on for awhile. The day after Halloween, some stories already had Christmas stuff up. That is just wrong, it is barely mid-November. As kid, I was excited in July for Christmas, now as an adult, I kind dread this holiday.

I am in the middle of the pack in Fantasy Football. I had a lot of bye week issues, that I failed to address in a decent manner. Oh well, I am still having fun.

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