Friday, December 16, 2005

ah....gas and other stuff

It has been awhile since I talked about the price difference with Diesel compared to gasoline. Diesel is only 20 cents more expensive from the highest octane in SLC. Back in October, the difference was around 75 cents and over a dollar from the lowest octane. This makes me feel better about our diesel purchase.

I hope to get all Christmas shopping done this weekend. I am on-call for my job, so that can always throw a wrench into my plans, but I am sure we can make it work. The U2 concert is this weekend. We had our tickets since March, so I hope it will be worth the wait. Besides these few items, I hope to cruise into my vacation that starts next Friday.

The Mariners signed Carl Everett to a one year deal. I am not a fan of building a team on the FA market, because it will never last. If you can start with youth, and attempt to keep them happy for a few years, you can make a good run at the top. Teams that do well in the FA market are only good for a year or two it seems. Think of all the FA's the Yankee's have acquired in the past few years, and have not won a World Series since 2000.

I hope to blog before my vacation. But, on the off chance I do not, Merry Christmas!

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