Friday, December 02, 2005

Turbo Tax and Advent Calendar

Well, November sure went by fast. Lora cooked an amazing Thanksgiving meal. She did a brine to the Turkey on Wednesday…man…it was killer!

With December 1st, came my Turbo Tax and the traditional advent calendar. I recall as a kid getting excited to break open the day’s door on the calendar perched on my parents buffet. Now, I have resorted to adding a widget to my MAC dashboard…how lame is that!

For some odd reason, I love doing my own taxes. Love might be a bit strong, but I do enjoy doing them. I am sure I am not getting as much of a refund as I could be, but I feel we do pretty good doing this on my own. Plus, I am saving the $50/hour a CPA would charge me, or whatever that rate might.

We are going to Missoula for Christmas this year. I am excited. I will be attending the 17th Annual Whitaker Park football game on the 24th. I have missed the past two years, so returning to this event has me excited for our pending trip. This game has been played ever 24th of December since our freshman year in HS. This game has been going on for over half my life now! I was rather disappointed to miss the past two games, but that is what having multiple families to visit at Christmas causes. Lora and I seem to have developed a pretty good rotation.

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