Monday, January 30, 2006

Storming….get off the court!

I was listening to sports talk over the weekend, and they brought up the current phenomena of college kids storming the court after, what appears to be, every win. I say every win, not just the upsets, but every win a home team can come up with.

I have four words for those fuck-nuts: GET OFF THE COURT! If your team wins the Final Four or Carroll College is able to upset Duke then sure, I can see it. I blame ESPN for encouraging this behavior. They show these “storms” every night on ESPN, or so I am told. To verify this, I was surfing this weekend, and stopped on an ESPN game as the game was ending. I don’t remember who was playing, but I saw the students run onto the court with their fingers aloft as “we are #1” as the camera's kept rolling.

I know that college students have a blurred viewpoint on life and any attempt for those 15 minutes or 30 seconds of fame, kids seem to jump at. I made the glaring mistake of watching some MTV this weekend was well. I am not sure how anyone else feels, but I am embarrassed for this generation of kids. Obviously, this is not how ALL 18-25 year olds act, but is a pretty good sample set. I sound old, I know. I am not perfect, but I would never volunteer to put myself on “The Gauntlet 2” and have the entire world laugh at me as I get pissed off that Beth took out Ruthie.

Maybe I am just jaded in general towards TV. On Sunday night, I like to watch some “Desperate Housewives”, followed by “Grey’s Anatomy”. ABC still has some reality TV but it appears that we are starting to get away from that trend. I think that “Extreme Home Makeover” is going the way of “Trading Spaces”. Their shows are the same. “Extreme Home Makeover” does help those that cannot help themselves, which is nice. But I can tell you what will be on next week. Does anyone remember the original Real World? Is it just me or do you agree that those people were “normal”, at least in appearance? Now, if a female weighs more that a buck 10 (including the fake boobs) and a male does not shave his chest shaved and have a six pack, you won’t get on these shows.

Sorry for the delay....

I know I should have posted this 2 months ago, I apologize for that. It has to do with Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays.

Why is this an issue now? My brother worked retail in the late 70's and early 80's and even then it was "Say happy holidays to our customers". I had a friend that worked at K-Mart in '93, and the "Happy Holiday's" tradition continued so that religious feelings were hurt. So, why in 2005, was this a big deal? Has it always been a big deal and I just ignored it? It strikes me as odd that we pick this year (2005) to make a huge deal about this.

Personally, I don't give a rat’s ass what the generally unhappy checkout clerk at (insert your box store name here) says to me. Well, I take that back. If they started swearing at me or something, then I might take offense. We celebrate Christmas in my household, so my general response back to someone that says "Happy Holidays" is "Merry Christmas" or sometimes the pre-programmed response "Thanks, you too".

I say pre-programmed, because I purchased a latte at a drive-thru recently, and the clerk told me to drive carefully, and I told him "Thanks, you too" as I drove off. Think about it, he doesn't live there, so he will have to drive home at some point. "Enjoy the movie"..."thanks, you too".

Not sure why I just know thought about blogging about this.

Friday, January 27, 2006

An ageless debate

Every since OS X has been released, I have been a huge MAC fan. When OS X was released (pre-iPod's), MAC stock was somewhere around the $20 mark. Now, it flirts with $80, well $72 at the time of this rant. I thought it would go up because of what OS X offers, but the iPod is the driving factor here...but I digress.

Of course there are security flaws in OS X; no operating system is error free. Come on people, human’s developed it. With that said, it does not have nearly the amount of potential problems as Windows. In doing some searches with that one new search engine that starts with a G, I learned that Apple does not use software auditing tools to spot bugs before releases. That to me is a red flag. It is my hope that Apple adjusts the pre-release check list.

One last thing I don't like about Apple, they make you pay for everything. Want to go from OS 10.3 to 10.4? That will be $75 please. They charge $99 a year to have a .mac account. I think with that $99 you should at least get free upgrades to their iLife suite, since these two things tend to be fairly well interlaced. As it stands now, you have to pay for the new versions of iLife each time.

Going out in a ball of fire

A sporadic reader recently questioned me on why I would stop blogging about politics. I informed him it was not worth the raised blood pressure and the newly forming ulcer. However, in looking back, I am going to "flip flop" on that decision. I think I can do this in moderation as to not piss off most of my "constituents".

I am getting sick and tired of several things in American politics. Number one: name calling. Why is that you can't just be a republican or a just a democrat or just a libertarian? Oh no, you have be an "ultra-conservative" or a "moderate republican" or (my fav) a "left-wing whack job". If we need to have sub-assignments of our 2 major parties, why not just create more parties? I think those tend to ride the middle line when driving their political vehicle, would like to distant themselves from the extremes on both sides. What is the first words that come to your mind when someone says "I am a republican"? I think religious right conservative freak. When someone says they are a democrat? I think left wing whack job. It appears that America is more inclined to go with extremes then allow for any middle of the road thought.

I am no longer a democrat, I am a demoblican. I have tried this on a few people and you would be surprised how receptive they are to your political thought, even though I am an English driver on my political road. But the minute you say "democrat" to someone that individual will fill his or her head with the stereotype that they may or may not like about that party. You could be the nicest person in the world and the minute you say "democrat" you might be chastised for being against the war. You say republican, you might get chastised for misleading America into war. I am having a hard time getting away from this mindset myself.

America was a fairly nice place, or at least I thought so. Now, we are a divided and sometimes hostile nation, to our own citizens.

I have a mixed bag of friends that drive on different sides of the road, hell, some even pass on the right. But I don't hold any of that against them. What they think or what they do is their business and I need to respect that. I am not going to hang them out to dry. I will be making a conscious attempt to apply this in everyday life...with one exception, Ann Coulter.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google this, tool!

William, thank you for the comment. Yes, that was a first for you in terms of Mariner conversations, and I love it. However, here on the "enthusiasm" blog, we frown upon selfish advertising for the "newly created" search engine giant.

Vote for Pedro

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

XP on Mactel and MPG

William, why would I want to ruin a perfectly good Mac by putting Windows on it?

Just kidding to ya'll that feed upon the ageless Mac vs. PC debate. If this was going to be my Mac, you might be able to talk me into trying this challenge. However, I will have little to no interaction with this 20" marvel.

An update on the diesel Jeep. The MPG has not been as advertised...shocker. As you have already heard me vent about how MPG is currently calculated, we don't drive 55. We were able to get about 25 MPG going to MT over Christmas. We did about 90% of this drive in 2WD. Coming home, I was not sure; we had a good stretch of road with it in 4WD. In the city, we are getting about 18-20 MPG.

I am not sure if other turbo diesels have to do this, but we probably lose some MPG to "idle" time (again, not calculated into the sticker of a vehicle). As some of you know, engines need air, and diesels need hot air. So, on those cool/cold mornings, we need to let the engine idle for maybe 5 minutes before we can drive it. After a lot of turbo use, we need to let the engine idle for another 1-5 minutes to allow the engine oil to cool the turbo. I am beginning to wonder if this extra “work” is actually worth it. Towing with 295 pounds-feet of torque at 1,800 rpm is nice. If you are looking for horsepower, the MINI Copper S has the same amount as our Jeep.

Bastan Red Sox and Snickerdoodles

The Red Sox recently signed Coco Crisp (who names their kid this...but I digress) to play Center for the "rebuilding" Sox. So that should mean all trade rumors on our CF star can be laid to rest...I hope. I am a Jeremy Reed fan. I think he has the bat, maybe not the power, and obviously he has a great glove. Personally, he should have won the golden glove last year, but he will get one at some point in his career, as long as his shoulders can continue to take the pounding. He is not afraid to take risks in the outfield, has a great eye for the ball.

I think all the residents of Seattle should hold a Shaun Alexander bake sale. We need to sign this guy for the duration of his career. I am not a fan of the "price" athletes cost us, but being a fan of sports; you have to learn to deal with it. Being the MVP and now helping us get to the Super Bowl, he is going to ask for a mint. If he asks for too much, we might only be able to afford 9 starting players on defense next year. I am sure that Shaun will not be the only player cashing in on the success of the Seahawks.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Worth mentioning

I have am not a fan of the NBA. I stopped following my Sonics in ‘98; the strike terminated my interest in this sport. With that said, it is worth mentioning the feat in which Kobe Bryant performed last night, 81 points. Wilt still holds the record at 100, but this 81 is pretty impressive.

Thank you Monk Mojo

The website is great for any and all Mariner news.

We broke down and did it...and Dan Doornick

On Saturday, we walked out of the new Apple Store in SLC with a 20" iMac Mactel. If it was not for the fact that we wanted the immediate satisfaction of the new computer, we would have ordered online. The online purchase would have saved us a lot on a memory upgrade and we would have upgraded the video card to 256 MB. It only has 512 MB of RAM, which I can see is already an issue. This will have 1 GB by mid-February. Thank goodness the stores also do student discounts.

The screen on this machine is amazing. We looked at our photos again on the new computer and we saw parts of a photo that we have never seen before, it was really amazing. Apple also makes the transfer to a new Mac a snap. All you need is a 6pin-to-6pin firewall cable and all your information is copied over.

Anyone interested in a 15" G4 1 GHz Powerbook with 1 GB of RAM?

Things I am already tired of: Jerome Bettis going home. I have always had a place for Jerome, I do like him. However, this story is going to get beaten into the ground. As well as Holmgren's chance to be the first coach to win two Super Bowls for two different teams. The last one I am really hoping for.

For those of you that know me, this next line should strike you as funny. I was called "bandwagon" today. I had to laugh. I could at least name players on the team that went from the Wild Card to the AFC Championship team in '83. They followed a similar path in '84, only this time losing to Marino and the Dolphins in the second round. Keep in mind; they defeated the '83 Super Bowl champs in the WC game in '84. Want to name the big running back that game? Dan Doornick, not Curt Warner or Macus Allen. Don't forget, I own every football card ever produced (that I could find) of Steve Largent and Curt Warner. I am not sure I can be called bandwagon when one of my missions when I card collected was to find Jim Zorn's rookie card. That humdinger cost me all of .50 cents. I have been a Seachicken fan since 1979. I had a short run of following the Broncos, I was born in Fort Collins, but once I came to my senses I started following the Seahawks.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I had to pinch myself

Wow, what a feeling! First time ever for the Seachickens. We have our work cut out for us; the 12th man won't be there in Detroit. This will be a road game for Seattle, 75%+ of those fans will be wearing yellow and black.

Congrats Seattle! This makes my loyalty to you worth it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Alex Smith: update

If you will recall in my original post about Alex Smith, I mentioned he is a good 3rd of 4th round draft pick. Well, something to that affect. I also mentioned that he will not be good for 4+ years. I would like to change that prediction to 3+ years. So, 1 season down and 2 more to go.

Wiretaps...just shut up!

Wow, times have changed. Picture a Democrat in the White House committing unlawful wiretaps on the Lions Club of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Republicans would want his head on a stake outside the White House. Let’s get serious, they impeached Clinton for lying about a blow job, of course they would talk about impeaching a Democrat president for using wiretaps in an unlawful way.

When the shoe is on the other foot, it is kind of funny to me. Of course the argument of "homeland security" is constantly brought up. Just remember that when a Democrat puts a wiretap on your phone for "security reasons", you were okay with it when good ole W was in office.

If you want to live where the government controls your lives more than they already do, move to Cuba. What? You don't like that tone in my argument? I am sorry. When I made my voice heard about being against the war, I was told to move to France.

Think about it. How many seconds would it honestly take the leader of the "Free World" to call a judge to get a warrant for a wiretap? I am willing to say 15 minutes or 900 seconds, max. If he has any sort of just cause, a judge regardless of political leanings, would grant the warrant.

In closing, I am going to attempt to blog no more about politics. This is a complete waste of my time, and yours.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


For those of you that don’t give a rat’s ass, the Mactels are out. Apple unveiled their new Intel-based Mac books last week. I am very excited for this new addition to the Mac family. I dislike it when people say “this is the fastest Mac ever”. DUH! I would love to see Apple release the slowest Mac ever. What do these people take this company for? Anywho, we are not ordering one yet, especially since they are not shipping until Valentines Day. I can guarantee that we will probably have one at the house before years end.

Thank goodness for grammar check, I forgot the ‘on rats. We can’t have any non-owned asses running around.

UPDATE: Yes, William, I forgot the iMac are available now, the MacBook Pro's (gay name, not that there is anything wrong with that) don't ship until February.

New Car show and other stuff

This past weekend was the new car show here in Salt Lake. It is always fun to take a look what car manufactures have coming out. This is not even close to the level of the Detroit show, but nonetheless, very fun to look around. The Mega cab from Dodge is exactly that, Mega. Besides wanting a MINI Cooper someday and a truck, I can live without most of the vehicles displayed. Bill, they did have that new Toyota Land Cruiser looking thing there, it was pretty cool. Amazing how velvet rope becomes an impassable barrier.

The Jeep is still nice with the diesel engine; however, I am noticing a lack in actual space. There are better vehicles out there that can tow 5K; this is the only diesel in its class.

SLC finally received some much needed snow this past weekend. It has been a drier than normal winter for us, however, the mountains are doing fairly well.

The Mariners website has an article on how well some of our pitchers are doing in winter leagues. Personally, I don't care how they do in winter leagues. I would hope that during their stay in South America, they are working on mechanics and hopefully being put into some serious situations. I am once again "cautiously optimistic" about the upcoming season. A .500 season would be the best thing I can hope for with a slim chance at the wild card. Only like 4 weeks until I start to pressure my fantasy baseball commish to create his league...I cannot wait.

Monday, January 09, 2006

It has been 3 years….

Last night, Laci Peterson’s mom was interviewed by Katie Couric. What? It wasn’t live? Well, I will move on anyway. I am, again, going to sound like an asshole, but this murder is 3 years old. What is Laci’s mom going to tell us about her daughter or Scott that the rest of the family/mistress has not already told us? I only saw this interview as I was surfing around the boob tube. I did not stop for more than the 5 seconds it took me to realize they were drudging up more information on this 3 year old murder.

Not only this murder, but I am not a fan of any “where are they now” sort of stories about murders/murderers. It could be that the press brow beat us to death on this murder and trial. I for one was not glued to my TV set during the murder investigation and trial. However, it was hard to miss at least some of this coverage, it made front page news on about every paper and news website.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The frustrations of Utah…I think

Some of you way think I am off my rocker on this one. But the coverage on the missionaries in Chesapeake, VA is astounding to me. If you would like to get caught up on the shootings, here is the link. There has been non-stop coverage of this on the news around here. Now, I am not cold hearted, and the fact that one of the missionaries has died, is very sad. I have a sneaky feeling that if he were just regular Utahn, the coverage would not be this in-depth. Sure they would put something up on the news about an Utahn killed, but would probably leave it at that. Maybe one more news article with the victim’s family, but that would be all. Instead, this is the top story. Here is what I have found about the coverage in Colorado. At the time of this blog, I was having difficulty accessing If you look at the two stories in my last link, one is from a religious blog, and one article from Denver. The Colorado missionary was not killed, so that might explain some of the lack of coverage that I am finding. Once I was able to get into the Greeley newspaper, the top stories did not include anything related. I had to click on "more news" and 15 news stories down, is the article. I know it is that far down because the story is from yesterday, but I only see one story.

I know I live in the epicenter of the Mormon faith. Again, I feel sorry for the families, but I have my doubts about the coverage of this if they weren’t missionaries. This is really not something to get all worked up on, but when your local news says “Why were these two kids targeted performing Gods work”, I have my questions on motive. I would say that in this case “God’s work” could be debated. I am not trying to start a religious debate on my blog, but I doubt the Lutheran's would see them as performing "God's work".

Next, man stabbed by pissed off at 10.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I am writing this at halftime to go on record that USC will lose because of Bush. He made a careless, knucklehead play in the 1st quarter, a failed lateral. Texas was able to recover and stop the USC drive inside their own 20. This will come back to haunt USC and Bush, the rest of the game. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Texas; however, Bush shot a large bullet into the Trojan foot.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

One year of blogging!

I hope that everyone had a great Festivus. The airing of grievances was my favorite part. It has officially been 1 year since my first blog. It feels like yesterday. Not really anything overly exciting about that, but it is kind of neat.

We had our 17th annual football game on the 24th. I was the one who got bloody this year. I was punched in the nose towards the end; you can see photos of the intense action here as well as my bloody face and jersey. It was a lot of fun to play in the game again; I had 2 INT’s and threw 1 INT. Only had maybe 5 catches for probably 50 yards, no TD’s and about 30 or so return yards. Our team lost, 5-3 I think was the final score. Nothing like a little PBR to sooth a bloody nose. The group photo was taken at half time.

Our Christmas in Missoula was really nice. It was made better by the return of so many friends. It was a jammed packed 5 days between my family and friends. Missoula can be fun; however I had to keep telling myself that it is not always this fun. I would still like to move back there someday.

I have no “New Years resolution”. I know that some folks really depend on the turning of the calendar to get going. I am sure the month of January is great for Gold Gym membership sales. I know what my flaws are, and I need to work on them no matter what the time of year is. Of course, I could stand to lose some of this holiday weight.