Friday, January 27, 2006

An ageless debate

Every since OS X has been released, I have been a huge MAC fan. When OS X was released (pre-iPod's), MAC stock was somewhere around the $20 mark. Now, it flirts with $80, well $72 at the time of this rant. I thought it would go up because of what OS X offers, but the iPod is the driving factor here...but I digress.

Of course there are security flaws in OS X; no operating system is error free. Come on people, human’s developed it. With that said, it does not have nearly the amount of potential problems as Windows. In doing some searches with that one new search engine that starts with a G, I learned that Apple does not use software auditing tools to spot bugs before releases. That to me is a red flag. It is my hope that Apple adjusts the pre-release check list.

One last thing I don't like about Apple, they make you pay for everything. Want to go from OS 10.3 to 10.4? That will be $75 please. They charge $99 a year to have a .mac account. I think with that $99 you should at least get free upgrades to their iLife suite, since these two things tend to be fairly well interlaced. As it stands now, you have to pay for the new versions of iLife each time.

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Bill said...

Apple wasn't always like that. I went from system 4.0 all the way to 7.0.1 (I believe) by just going down to computer land with a box of blank disks. But, that was the long-long-ago in the before-time...