Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bastan Red Sox and Snickerdoodles

The Red Sox recently signed Coco Crisp (who names their kid this...but I digress) to play Center for the "rebuilding" Sox. So that should mean all trade rumors on our CF star can be laid to rest...I hope. I am a Jeremy Reed fan. I think he has the bat, maybe not the power, and obviously he has a great glove. Personally, he should have won the golden glove last year, but he will get one at some point in his career, as long as his shoulders can continue to take the pounding. He is not afraid to take risks in the outfield, has a great eye for the ball.

I think all the residents of Seattle should hold a Shaun Alexander bake sale. We need to sign this guy for the duration of his career. I am not a fan of the "price" athletes cost us, but being a fan of sports; you have to learn to deal with it. Being the MVP and now helping us get to the Super Bowl, he is going to ask for a mint. If he asks for too much, we might only be able to afford 9 starting players on defense next year. I am sure that Shaun will not be the only player cashing in on the success of the Seahawks.

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