Thursday, January 05, 2006

The frustrations of Utah…I think

Some of you way think I am off my rocker on this one. But the coverage on the missionaries in Chesapeake, VA is astounding to me. If you would like to get caught up on the shootings, here is the link. There has been non-stop coverage of this on the news around here. Now, I am not cold hearted, and the fact that one of the missionaries has died, is very sad. I have a sneaky feeling that if he were just regular Utahn, the coverage would not be this in-depth. Sure they would put something up on the news about an Utahn killed, but would probably leave it at that. Maybe one more news article with the victim’s family, but that would be all. Instead, this is the top story. Here is what I have found about the coverage in Colorado. At the time of this blog, I was having difficulty accessing If you look at the two stories in my last link, one is from a religious blog, and one article from Denver. The Colorado missionary was not killed, so that might explain some of the lack of coverage that I am finding. Once I was able to get into the Greeley newspaper, the top stories did not include anything related. I had to click on "more news" and 15 news stories down, is the article. I know it is that far down because the story is from yesterday, but I only see one story.

I know I live in the epicenter of the Mormon faith. Again, I feel sorry for the families, but I have my doubts about the coverage of this if they weren’t missionaries. This is really not something to get all worked up on, but when your local news says “Why were these two kids targeted performing Gods work”, I have my questions on motive. I would say that in this case “God’s work” could be debated. I am not trying to start a religious debate on my blog, but I doubt the Lutheran's would see them as performing "God's work".

Next, man stabbed by pissed off at 10.

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Ryan said...

Nice work on this post - appreciate your perspective. Had to use the Minneapolis Star & Tribune's search feature to find anything on the shootings (your post was the first I'd heard about it), and even the search feature picked up only 2 listings: one for the shooting, and the second to note that a man was charged in the shootings. Haven't seen a word of it mentioned on local newscasts (I'm not an avid local news viewer, but my wife always has them on, and I keep an ear open to hear what's being discussed).

I think you're right on the money in your assumption: being in Utah, the Mecca of the LDS faith, is driving the coverage of the story. It's ignored elsewhere.

BTW, excellent half-time call on the Bush lateral, Swami.