Friday, January 27, 2006

Going out in a ball of fire

A sporadic reader recently questioned me on why I would stop blogging about politics. I informed him it was not worth the raised blood pressure and the newly forming ulcer. However, in looking back, I am going to "flip flop" on that decision. I think I can do this in moderation as to not piss off most of my "constituents".

I am getting sick and tired of several things in American politics. Number one: name calling. Why is that you can't just be a republican or a just a democrat or just a libertarian? Oh no, you have be an "ultra-conservative" or a "moderate republican" or (my fav) a "left-wing whack job". If we need to have sub-assignments of our 2 major parties, why not just create more parties? I think those tend to ride the middle line when driving their political vehicle, would like to distant themselves from the extremes on both sides. What is the first words that come to your mind when someone says "I am a republican"? I think religious right conservative freak. When someone says they are a democrat? I think left wing whack job. It appears that America is more inclined to go with extremes then allow for any middle of the road thought.

I am no longer a democrat, I am a demoblican. I have tried this on a few people and you would be surprised how receptive they are to your political thought, even though I am an English driver on my political road. But the minute you say "democrat" to someone that individual will fill his or her head with the stereotype that they may or may not like about that party. You could be the nicest person in the world and the minute you say "democrat" you might be chastised for being against the war. You say republican, you might get chastised for misleading America into war. I am having a hard time getting away from this mindset myself.

America was a fairly nice place, or at least I thought so. Now, we are a divided and sometimes hostile nation, to our own citizens.

I have a mixed bag of friends that drive on different sides of the road, hell, some even pass on the right. But I don't hold any of that against them. What they think or what they do is their business and I need to respect that. I am not going to hang them out to dry. I will be making a conscious attempt to apply this in everyday life...with one exception, Ann Coulter.

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Ryan said...

Nice work! A big 'hear-hear', from the Minneapolis-based peanut gallery! "Civil discourse" is now an oxymoron when used in the context of American politics.

The problem is that the special-interest groups have so hijacked both parties, that one can agree with the majority of the written platform of the party, but disagree with the whack-jobs that seem to be the spokespeople (Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, and the like come to mind - then of course, there's Howard Dean, but he was actually elected as the DNC's leader, which still baffles me).

Me? I consider myself a "Kennedy liberal", which today means I identify more with Republicans than Democrats. What's a Kennedy liberal? "lower taxes, strong military, the use of American power to fight evil when necessary, and the centrality of God to American life and to morality while maintaining a secular government."

What's scary to me is that America has moved so far to the left that many people now associate the views of an extremely popular Democratic president with the extreme right wing of American politics, but no one seems to notice...